optical splitter module

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Product Description

The optical splitter module is a key device used in optical fiber communication systems. It can distribute optical signals to multiple output ports, allowing the optical fiber network to transmit multiple signals simultaneously. As an important optical fiber device, optical fiber splitting module plays an indispensable role in the field of communications.

In order to meet your needs for high-quality communication, our optical splitter module uses advanced technology and high-quality materials to ensure its stability and reliability. Our products undergo strict quality control to ensure that every detail reaches the highest standards. With high transmission efficiency, low insertion loss and excellent signal separation performance, it provides you with an excellent communication experience.

Product Application

– Optical fiber broadband access: With the popularization of the Internet, people have an increasing demand for high-speed and stable network connections. Our optical splitter module can distribute fiber optic signals to different ports to achieve high-speed broadband access to meet your network speed and bandwidth needs.

-Data center interconnection: In the era of big data, data center interconnection is becoming more and more important. Our optical splitter module can distribute optical signals to different servers to achieve high-speed and stable data transmission and improve the operating efficiency of the data center.

-Fiber optic sensing: Fiber optic sensing is a sensing method based on fiber optic technology that can measure physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, and displacement. Our optical splitter module can transmit optical signals to sensors to achieve high-precision physical quantity measurement.

– Optical fiber CATV: With the upgrade of cable television networks, optical fiber CATV is gradually replacing the traditional coaxial cable network. Our optical splitter module can distribute optical signals to different terminals to achieve high-definition and stable TV signal transmission.

Product Features

(1) High transmission efficiency: It adopts advanced optical fiber technology and optimized design to ensure high transmission efficiency and provide stable and high-speed data transmission.

(2) Low insertion loss: The use of high-quality optical fiber connectors and precise manufacturing processes ensures low insertion loss and the quality and stability of signal transmission.

(3) Excellent signal separation performance: Using advanced optical splitting technology, it can accurately distribute optical signals to different output ports, achieve excellent signal separation performance, and provide clear and stable communication quality.

(4) Reliability and stability: Strict quality control and testing ensure the reliability and stability of the product. Our products provide long-lasting, efficient communications services in any environment.

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