OTU 2x100G transponder

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Product Description

OTU 2x100G transponder is an advanced device that supports 2x100G electrical layer multiplexing/demultiplexing and converts into 2x100G rate WDM standard wavelength optical signals.

Adopting advanced technologies such as PDM-QPSK modulation and 100G CFP2 coherent reception, it overcomes OSNR requirements, CD tolerance and PMD tolerance of high-speed transmission systems, and nonlinear physical effects of transmission.

The transmitter is suitable for non-electrical relay transmission of more than 1,200 kilometers, and the line-side interface supports C-band 96 waves (50GHz) adjustable. It provides a reliable dual-channel 100G transmission solution to meet high-speed data transmission needs and optimizes system performance and transmission effects.

Product Application

1. Long-distance optical transmission: Because it supports non-electrical relay transmission of more than 1,200 kilometers, OTU 2x100G transponder is widely used in long-distance optical fiber transmission networks. It can stably transmit high-rate data, overcome the attenuation and distortion of optical signals, and ensure the reliability and integrity of data.

2. Data center interconnection: In data centers, high-speed data transmission and interconnection are crucial. OTU 2x100G transponder provides a dual-channel 100G transmission solution, which can be used for interconnection between servers in the data center and supports the rapid transmission and processing of high-bandwidth data.

3. Communication network expansion: With the continuous expansion and upgrading of communication networks, the demand for high-speed and high-bandwidth transmission is also increasing. OTU 2x100G transponder is suitable for expansion and upgrade of communication networks, providing stable and reliable dual-channel 100G transmission capabilities to meet the high-speed data transmission requirements of the network.

4. Cloud computing and big data transmission: In cloud computing and big data applications, the need to quickly transmit and process large amounts of data is very important. OTU 2x100G transponder can provide high bandwidth and high-speed data transmission capabilities, supporting large-scale data transmission and processing tasks in cloud computing environments.

5. Video transmission and surveillance systems: For video transmission and surveillance systems, high bandwidth and high-quality transmission capabilities are key elements. OTU 2x100G transponder has stable and reliable performance and is suitable for high-definition video transmission in video transmission and surveillance systems, and real-time monitoring data transmission and processing.

Product Features

Client interface support: 2, pluggable based on QSFP28. Line side interface support: 2, pluggable based on CFP2-DCO, coherent PDM-QPSK

Line mode: Supports multiplexing of 2x100G service optical signals into 2x100G rate DWDM standard wavelength optical signals

Relay mode: Supports 100G wavelength electrical relay. Supported service types: 100GE, 100GE_FEC, OTU4

Wavelength division multiplexing technology: Support DWDM: C-band 50GHz 96-wave adjustable

Forward error correction technology: SDFEC support. Maximum power consumption: 65W (including optical module)

Number of occupied slots: supports the full series of OTNS8600 chassis, occupying 2 slots

Network management function: Supports real-time monitoring of port working status, including: transmit optical power, receive optical power, temperature, etc. Support port loopback function.

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