OTU 4x10G transponder

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Product Description

OTU 4x10G Transponder is an optical transmission device used to convert four 10G optical signals into transmission signals in the OTU (Optical Transport Unit) data format. OTU is a standardized optical transmission format used to transmit high-speed data in fiber optic communication systems.

The main function of the transmitter is to combine four independent 10G optical signals into one OTU signal and perform necessary optical and electrical interconversion and signal shaping processing. It can process multiple signals at the same time and integrate them for transmission on one optical fiber, thereby improving transmission efficiency and bandwidth utilization.

OTU 4x10G Transponder also has flexible interface and configuration options, which can adapt to different network requirements and transmission environments. It usually has a variety of optical fiber interfaces (such as LC, SC, etc.) to connect with other devices. In addition, it supports different transmission protocols and modulation methods to meet different network architectures and transmission requirements.

This kind of transmitter is widely used in data centers, communication operators, financial industries and other fields. It provides the advantages of high-density transmission, versatility and high-rate transmission, providing users with high-quality and efficient data transmission solutions.

Whether in server interconnection, optical channel network, financial transaction network or other high-speed data transmission scenarios within the data center, OTU 4x10G Transponder plays a key role in supporting large-capacity data transmission and high-speed interconnection.

Product Application

1. Data Center: In modern data centers, high-speed data transmission and processing are crucial. OTU 4x10G transponder can meet the data center’s needs for high bandwidth and high-density transmission. It can be used for server interconnection within data centers, storage area network (SAN) connections, and remote connections between data centers. Its high-density transmission capabilities enable more data to be transmitted within limited rack space, improving the overall efficiency and performance of the data center.

2. Communication operators: In the field of communication operators, high-speed transmission and versatility are essential elements. OTU 4x10G transponder can be used in optical channels and wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) networks in optical transmission networks. It can transmit multiple 10G signals simultaneously, provide high-bandwidth and high-speed transmission, and meet the needs of communication operators for large-capacity data transmission and high-speed interconnection.

3. Financial industry: The financial industry has special needs for high-speed and reliable data transmission. OTU 4x10G transponder can be used in financial transaction networks to support high-frequency transactions and real-time data transmission. Its stability and reliability can ensure the safe transmission of transaction data, while its high bandwidth and high speed characteristics can also meet the financial industry’s requirements for fast data processing and response.

4. Remote monitoring and video transmission: In the field of monitoring systems and video transmission, OTU 4x10G transponder can provide high-quality, high-rate video transmission solutions. It can be used for video transmission of remote monitoring systems, supporting real-time monitoring and high-definition video transmission. At the same time, its versatility also enables signal conversion and wavelength conversion to adapt to different types of video signal transmission needs.

5. Cloud computing and virtualization: In cloud computing and virtualization environments, high-speed data transmission and flexible deployment are key factors. OTU 4x10G transponder can be used for server interconnection within cloud data centers to support high-speed data transmission between virtual machines. Its flexible deployment options and high-density transmission capabilities can meet the different sizes and types of data transmission needs in cloud computing and virtualized environments.

Its high-density transmission, versatility, high-speed transmission, stable reliability and flexible deployment characteristics make it an ideal choice to meet the high-bandwidth, high-speed and diverse data transmission needs in these fields.

Product Features

Line mode:Supports transparent transmission of any type of service in four 42M~11.3G rate ranges, and converts four service optical signals into four WDM standard wavelength optical signals.

Relay mode:Support 42M~11.3G wavelength electrical relay.

upport service type:GE, 10GE。1/2/4/8/10G FC。STM-16/64。CPRI-2/3/6/7。FE, GE, 10GE。1/2/4/8/10G FC。STM-1/4/16/64, OTU1/OTU2/OTU2e。CPRI-1~8, 42M~11.3G Any

WDM technology:Support CWDM: 18 waves。Support DWDM: C band 50GHz 96 waves

Occupied slot number:Support OTNS8600 series chassis, occupy 1 slot.

Network management function:Support real-time monitoring of the port working state, including transmitting optical power and receiving optical power, temperature, etc.

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