outdoor ethernet switch poe

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Product Description

Outdoor ethernet switch poe is an Ethernet switch specially designed for outdoor environments and has POE power supply function. Whether in the fields of outdoor monitoring, wireless network coverage, smart city construction, etc., this product can provide excellent performance and reliability.

The outdoor ethernet switch poe is made of advanced technology and high-quality materials. It is waterproof, dustproof, and lightning-proof, and can operate stably in harsh outdoor environments. Its POE power supply function can provide power to external devices, simplify the wiring process, and improve the convenience and flexibility of installation. The product also supports remote management and monitoring. You can manage and control the device anytime and anywhere through the network.

Product Application

Outdoor Ethernet Switch PoE can be used to connect and power various outdoor cameras and surveillance equipment to achieve video surveillance and security management. They provide reliable data transmission and power supply in places such as city streets, parks, parking lots and around buildings.

Wireless network coverage outdoors usually requires wireless access points in suitable locations and providing them with data and power connections. Outdoor Ethernet Switch PoE can provide high-speed data transmission and stable power supply to these wireless access points to support the expansion of wireless networks and increase in coverage.

Outdoor Ethernet Switch PoE can be used to connect and power agricultural sensors, cameras and automation equipment. They can provide real-time monitoring and control, helping farmers with tasks such as crop growth management, environmental monitoring and irrigation control.

Outdoor intelligent transportation systems require the deployment of sensors and monitoring equipment on roads, bridges, tunnels, etc. Outdoor Ethernet Switch PoE can provide reliable data transmission and power supply for these devices, supporting applications such as traffic monitoring, vehicle identification and signal control.

In industrial environments, outdoor equipment and sensors often need to be connected to the network for real-time monitoring and control. Outdoor Ethernet Switch PoE can provide reliable data connections and power supply for these devices, helping to achieve industrial automation and remote monitoring.

Product Features

(1) Protection design: It has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, corrosion resistance and lightning strike resistance to adapt to the requirements of harsh outdoor environments. Industrial grade or higher protection grade shell materials and sealing designs are usually used to ensure the reliability and stability of the equipment.

(2) PoE power supply function: This product integrates PoE technology to provide power supply to outdoor devices through Ethernet cables without the need for additional power lines. This simplifies the wiring and installation of equipment and provides flexible power supply solutions.

(3) High reliability and stability: This product has functions such as anti-interference, temperature adaptability and power protection to ensure stable operation in harsh outdoor environments.

(4) Scalability and flexibility: This product has multiple Ethernet ports to support the connection of multiple devices and has certain scalability. It also supports some network protocols and functions, such as VLAN, QoS and remote management.

(5) Management and monitoring functions: The modified product has remote management and monitoring functions, and can remotely monitor and control the status, configuration and power usage of the equipment through the network.

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