unmanaged poe ethernet switch

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Product Description

Unmanaged PoE Ethernet Switch is an unmanaged Ethernet switch with PoE function. Unlike managed or managed switches, unmanaged switches have no configurable options or user interface, and their functionality is preset and runs automatically.

The product comes with PoE-enabled ports that provide data connectivity and power supply to connected devices. Unmanaged PoE Ethernet Switch provides fixed configuration and default settings without any user configuration or management operations.

Because unmanaged switches have no configuration options, they are suitable for simple network environments, especially small offices, home networks, and small security systems. They are easy to install and use, requiring no expertise, just connect the device to the corresponding port.

Product Application

(1) Home and small office networks: Unmanaged PoE Ethernet Switch is suitable for home networks and small office networks. They provide data connectivity and power supply to a variety of devices, such as computers, printers, IP phones, and wireless access points.

(2) Small security systems: Unmanaged PoE Ethernet Switch can be used for small security systems, such as intrusion alarm systems and access control systems. They can provide data connections and power supply for security equipment, making it easier to deploy and manage equipment.

(3) Hotels and motels: Unmanaged PoE Ethernet Switch can provide network connection and power supply to hotels and inns, and is used to connect various devices in the room, such as TVs, phones and wireless access points.

(4) Educational institutions: In educational institutions such as schools and universities, Unmanaged PoE Ethernet Switch can be used to connect and power devices such as electronic whiteboards, student computers, and wireless access points in classrooms.

(5) Small industrial network: Unmanaged PoE Ethernet Switch can also be used in small industrial network environments, such as logistics warehousing, light manufacturing and other scenarios, to provide data connections and power supply for equipment.

Product Features

– Simple and easy to use: This product does not require any settings, just plug in the Internet cable and power supply to work, suitable for small network environments or temporary network needs.

– Cost saving: This product can provide power to PoE devices through network cables without the need for additional power adapters or power cords, reducing the complexity and cost of wiring.

– Flexible deployment: This product can flexibly increase or decrease the number and location of PoE devices according to network needs, without considering the distribution and distance limitations of power sockets.

– Improve reliability: This product can realize remote monitoring and management of PoE equipment, such as detecting the status of the equipment, restarting the equipment, adjusting power, etc., which improves the stability and security of the network.

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