ST to LC Fiber Patch Cord

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Product Description

ST to LC Fiber Patch Cord is a fiber optic patch cord used to connect fiber optic connections between fiber optic devices with ST interface and LC interface. It has a fiber optic cable between an ST connector (also called an ST plug) and an LC connector (also called an LC plug).

The ST connector is a common fiber optic connector with a circular shape and a rotational locking mechanism that is suitable for multimode fiber and single-mode fiber applications. It is commonly used for data communications in local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN).

The LC connector is a miniaturized fiber optic connector with a rectangular shape and a simple plug-in mechanism. It is one of the most widely used fiber optic connectors and is suitable for high-density fiber optic connections and high-speed data transmission, such as fiber optic Ethernet and fiber optic communication networks.

ST to LC Fiber Patch Cord realizes optical fiber connection between different interfaces by connecting two different types of connectors, ST and LC. This kind of jumper is usually used to connect data transmission between ST interface equipment (such as switches, routers or fiber optic converters) and LC interface equipment (such as fiber optic transceivers, fiber optic modules or fiber optic panels).

Product Application

1. Data Center: The data center is a critical environment that requires high-speed, reliable fiber optic connectivity. ST to LC Fiber Patch Cord can be used to connect servers, storage devices, network switches, routers and other equipment in data centers to support high-speed data transmission and communication.

2. Telecommunications network: ST to LC Fiber Patch Cord can be used to connect transmission equipment, fiber optic transceivers, fiber optic splitters and other equipment in telecommunications networks. It provides stable fiber optic connections that support the transmission and distribution of telephone, broadband and other communication services.

3. Computer network: ST to LC Fiber Patch Cord can be used to connect network devices in computer networks, such as switches, routers, network adapters, etc. It supports high-speed data transmission, ensuring network reliability and performance.

4. Wide Area Network (WAN): ST to LC Fiber Patch Cord can be used to connect devices in the WAN, such as routers, fiber optic converters, and fiber optic modules. It provides stable fiber optic connections to support remote office, branch office connections and cross-region network communications.

5. Video surveillance system: ST to LC Fiber Patch Cord can be used to connect cameras, video recorders and surveillance centers in video surveillance systems. It supports high-quality video transmission, ensuring the reliability and clarity of video surveillance systems.

6. Scientific research and laboratories: ST to LC Fiber Patch Cord is widely used in scientific research and laboratory environments for connecting optical equipment, sensors and experimental instruments. It provides a reliable fiber optic connection to support the transmission and analysis of experimental data.

Product Features

1. High-performance optical fiber connection: ST to LC Fiber Patch Cord uses high-quality optical fibers and connectors to ensure low insertion loss and high transmission performance. It provides reliable fiber optic connectivity that supports high-speed data transmission and low signal attenuation.

2. Multimode or single-mode optical fiber: ST to LC Fiber Patch Cord can be applied to multi-mode optical fiber or single-mode optical fiber applications. Whether it is a short-distance LAN connection or a long-distance WAN transmission, the appropriate fiber type is available.

3. Flexible configuration options: ST to LC Fiber Patch Cord provides a variety of specifications and length options to meet different wiring needs. Users can choose the appropriate length and specifications according to actual application conditions to ensure flexibility and adaptability.

4. Reliable connection locking mechanism: Both ST connectors and LC connectors have reliable locking mechanisms to ensure the stability and safety of the connection. The connector’s swivel or plug-in locking design prevents accidental detachment or loosening, providing a reliable connection.

5. High durability and reliability: ST to LC Fiber Patch Cord adopts high-quality materials and sophisticated manufacturing technology, which has good durability and reliability. It can withstand frequent plugging and unplugging and use, maintaining stable performance and connection quality.

6. Easy to install and maintain: ST to LC Fiber Patch Cord provides simple plug-in and pull-out operations for easy installation and maintenance. Users can quickly connect and replace fiber optic equipment, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

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