100G QSFP-DD DCO Coherent Optical Transceiver

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Product Description

100G QSFP-DD DCO Coherent Optical Transceiver is a digital coherent optical transceiver module that supports 100Gbps transmission rate. It is packaged in QSFP-DD and is a high-density, high-performance optical transceiver module compatible with the QSFP-DD standard.

The optical transceiver module uses digital coherent technology to achieve high-speed, high-capacity optical signal transmission through digital signal processing and coherent detection technology. It has a long transmission distance (MR Reach) and can realize signal transmission in long-distance optical fiber communication systems.

At the transmitting end, the optical transceiver module uses digital signal processing and modulation technology to encode and modulate the signal, and then sends the encoded optical signal into the optical fiber. At the receiving end, it uses coherent detection and digital signal processing technology to demodulate and decode the received optical signal and restore the original digital signal.

Product Application

1 Data center: In a data center, a large amount of data needs to be transmitted at high speed. 100G QSFP-DD DCO Coherent Optical Transceiver can meet the data center’s demand for high bandwidth and high stability, providing reliable data transmission solutions.

2 Telecom operators: Telecom operators need to transmit large amounts of data between cities or across transnational networks. The product’s high-speed transmission and long-distance transmission capabilities make it an ideal choice for telecom operators.

3 Enterprise network: Data transmission in enterprise networks also requires high speed and stability. 100G QSFP-DD DCO Coherent Optical Transceiver can meet the needs of enterprises for high-performance networks and provide reliable data transmission services.

Product Features

– High-speed transmission: 100G QSFP-DD DCO Coherent Optical Transceiver can achieve transmission rates up to 100Gbps, meeting the bandwidth requirements of modern networks. Users can transfer large amounts of data faster and improve work efficiency.

– Long-distance transmission: The transmitter uses advanced coherent technology to maintain high-quality signal transmission over long-distance transmission. Whether it is transmission between cities or transnational networks, users can enjoy stable transmission effects.

– High stability: 100G QSFP-DD DCO Coherent Optical Transceiver has excellent stability and can maintain good working condition under various environmental conditions. Users can obtain reliable optical transmission services even under severe weather conditions.

– Flexibility: This product supports a variety of fiber types and transmission distances, and users can select and configure them according to their own needs. Whether it is short-distance transmission or long-distance transmission, it can meet the needs of users.

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