400G OSFP DCO ZR+ DWDM C Band Coherent Module

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Product Description

400G OSFP DCO ZR+ DWDM C Band Coherent Module is an innovative product specially designed for high-speed optical communication applications. It uses the latest optical fiber communication technology, with a high transmission rate of 400Gbps and long-distance transmission capabilities. Whether within a data center or in a cross-regional optical communication network, this product can transmit large amounts of data stably and efficiently.

400G: Indicates that the module’s transmission rate is 400Gbps (gigabits per second), which means it can transmit 40 billion bits per second. OSFP: stands for Optical Small Form Factor Pluggable, which is a packaging standard used for the physical interface and size specifications of optical fiber communication modules.

DCO: stands for Digital Coherent Optics, which is a technology that enables coherent optical communications by using digital signal processing (DSP) at the transmitting and receiving ends. ZR+: Indicates that the module has ZR+ performance. ZR+ is a long-distance transmission specification that can cover fiber distances greater than 80 kilometers.

DWDM: stands for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing, which is an optical fiber communication technology that increases the transmission capacity of optical fibers by transmitting multiple independent signals simultaneously on different wavelengths. C Band: It is a wavelength range in optical fiber communications, covering wavelengths between 1530 nanometers and 1565 nanometers.

Product Application

400G OSFP DCO ZR+ DWDM C Band Coherent Module is widely used in optical communication networks in various fields. Within the data center, this module can meet high-capacity and high-speed data transmission requirements and support applications such as interconnection and cloud computing within the data center. In cross-regional optical communication networks, this module can achieve high-quality, long-distance data transmission to meet the needs of telecom operators and Internet companies.

In data center application scenarios, 400G OSFP DCO ZR+ DWDM C Band Coherent Module can be used for interconnection between servers, enabling high-speed data transmission and improving the overall performance of the data center. In cross-regional application scenarios, this module can be used to build optical fiber backbone networks to achieve high-speed data transmission between different regions and meet your needs for large-capacity data.

Product Features

(1) High transmission rate: The module supports a transmission rate of up to 400Gbps, provides large-bandwidth data transmission capabilities, and is suitable for processing large amounts of data and high-speed applications.

(2) Digital coherent optical technology: Using digital coherent optical technology (DCO), this technology uses digital signal processing (DSP) at the transmitting and receiving ends, which can effectively offset interference such as dispersion and nonlinearity in optical fiber transmission, improve transmission quality and distance.

(3) Long-distance transmission: The module complies with the ZR+ specification and is suitable for long-distance transmission, which can cover optical fiber distances greater than 80 kilometers. This makes it very useful in fiber optic backbones and long-distance transmission scenarios.

(4) Dense wavelength division multiplexing: Supports DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) technology, which can achieve simultaneous transmission of multiple signals within the C-band wavelength range. This increases the fiber’s transmission capacity and allows multiple communication signals to share the same fiber.

(5) High reliability: The module design has high reliability and can work stably in complex optical fiber communication network environments. It undergoes strict testing and quality control to ensure stable performance and long life.

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