400G QSFP-DD DCO ZR Coherent Transceiver Module

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Product Description

The 400G QSFP-DD DCO ZR Coherent Transceiver Module is a high-speed, high-bandwidth module for optical fiber communication networks. It uses digital coherent optical technology to support long range transmission (ZR) and has QSFP-DD packaging to achieve higher port density and transmission rate. It uses advanced coherent technology to achieve excellent signal quality and stability in high-speed transmission.

400G: Indicates that the module’s transmission rate is 400Gbps (gigabits per second), which means it can transmit 40 billion bits per second. QSFP-DD: stands for Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Double Density. It is a packaging standard used for the physical interface and size specifications of optical fiber communication modules. The QSFP-DD package has higher port density, allowing more lanes and higher transfer rates.

DCO: stands for Digital Coherent Optics, which is a technology that enables coherent optical communications by using digital signal processing (DSP) at the transmitting and receiving ends. ZR: stands for long range (ZR), which means that the module is suitable for long-distance transmission and can cover optical fiber distances greater than 80 kilometers.

Product Application

400G QSFP-DD DCO ZR Coherent Transceiver Module is widely used in multiple application fields. It plays an important role in the interconnection of data centers. As the scale of data centers continues to expand, the demand for high-speed, high-capacity data transmission is also increasing. This module can meet the data center’s requirements for high-speed transmission, providing stable connections and efficient data transmission.

400G QSFP-DD DCO ZR Coherent Transceiver Module is also widely used in long-distance optical fiber communication networks. Whether it is a metropolitan area network or a wide area network, this module can provide excellent transmission performance and reliability. It can span distances of tens or even hundreds of kilometers, ensuring high-speed transmission and stability of data.

Product Features

(1) High-speed transmission: This product supports transmission speeds up to 400Gbps, which can meet your needs for high-speed data transmission. Whether it is a large-scale data center or a long-distance optical fiber communication network, it can provide excellent transmission performance.

(2) High-quality signal: Using advanced coherent technology, the 400G QSFP-DD DCO ZR Coherent Transceiver Module can provide high-quality signal transmission. Whether in long-distance transmission or in a complex signal environment, the signal can be kept stable and clear.

(3) Reliability: The module has excellent reliability and can operate stably under various environmental conditions. It can maintain good performance whether it is in high temperature, low temperature or high humidity environment.

(4) Flexibility: 400G QSFP-DD DCO ZR Coherent Transceiver Module is highly flexible and can adapt to different network requirements. It supports multiple transmission modes and protocols and is compatible with various devices.

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