19-inch fiber optic patch panel

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Product Description

The 19-inch fiber optic patch panel is a professional network connection device that can connect various network devices together to realize data transmission and management. Adopts standard 19-inch cabinet size for easy installation and wiring. The product also has multiple fiber optic ports to meet network connections of different sizes and needs.

As a professional network device, the 19-inch fiber optic patch panel has authoritative background information. It is made of high-quality materials and has good durability and stability. The product has also passed strict quality certifications such as ISO9001 and UL certification to ensure product quality and safety.

Product Application

In data centers, a large number of fiber optic connections are used to connect servers, storage devices, network equipment, etc. The 19-inch fiber optic patch panel provides high-density connection points to facilitate the organization and management of these connections, ensuring high-speed, reliable fiber optic data transmission and communication in the data center.

19-inch fiber optic patch panel is also widely used in enterprise network environments. They are used to connect computers, phone systems, network equipment, and other devices in the office. These panels provide efficient cabling solutions that help organizations achieve good network connectivity and communications.

In the telecommunications industry, 19-inch fiber optic patch panels are used to connect telecommunications equipment, transmission equipment, and network equipment. They provide high-density connection points in telecommunications infrastructure, support high-speed fiber optic data and communication transmission, and meet growing communication needs.

Universities and Research Institutions: In universities and research institutions, 19-inch fiber optic patch panels are used to connect laboratory equipment, research equipment, and computer networks. They provide flexible and reliable fiber optic connectivity solutions to meet the needs of scientific research and teaching.

Product Features

1. Efficient connection: The fiber optic panel has multiple patch ports, which can connect multiple devices at the same time to achieve efficient data transmission and management. Whether it is a data center or an office environment, it can meet the connection needs of large-scale equipment.

2. Reliable and stable: This fiber optic panel is made of high-quality materials and has good durability and stability. It can run stably for a long time without problems of connection failure or signal loss.

3. Flexible wiring: This fiber optic panel provides flexible wiring methods that can be organized and managed according to actual needs. You can freely select the patch port for connection based on the location and connection requirements of the device.

4. Simplified management: This fiber optic panel can connect various devices together and identify them through labels or colors to facilitate your management and maintenance. You can quickly find the equipment you need and improve work efficiency.

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