40g active optical cable

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Product Description

40G Active Optical Cable (AOC) is a high-speed data transmission cable using fiber optic technology. It is a total solution integrating fiber optics, optoelectronics and cable housing to support data transmission rates up to 40Gbps.

40G AOC adopts the QSFP (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable) interface standard, has a compact size and high-density port design, and can support high-bandwidth data transmission in a limited space. It is usually used to connect and transmit data between devices, such as servers, network switches, storage devices, etc.

Compared with traditional copper cables, 40G Active Optical Cable uses optical fiber as the transmission medium, which can provide higher transmission rates, lower transmission losses and longer transmission distances. Optical fibers have good anti-electromagnetic interference capabilities and can provide more stable and reliable data transmission.

40G Active Optical Cable has a hot-swappable function that allows users to plug or unplug the optical cable while running without shutting down the system or interrupting data transmission. This provides convenience and flexibility for maintaining and upgrading data center equipment.

Product Application

In large-scale data centers, 40g active optical cable can be used to connect servers, network switches, storage devices, etc. to achieve high-speed data transmission and communication. It can meet the rapid transmission needs of large amounts of data in data centers and improve data processing efficiency and overall performance.

In the field of high-performance computing, 40G AOC can connect computing nodes, storage systems and network equipment to support fast and stable data transmission. It can meet the needs of large-scale data processing and high-speed data transmission in high-performance computing applications, improve computing efficiency and accelerate scientific research.

In cloud computing environments, 40g active optical cable can be used to connect cloud servers, virtualization environments and network infrastructure to support high-speed, reliable data transmission and communication. It can meet the needs for large-scale data storage, processing and transmission in cloud computing, and provide efficient cloud services and user experience.

In scenarios that require high-speed network connections, such as data transmission, video transmission, and real-time communication, 40G AOC can provide stable, high-bandwidth data transmission capabilities. It is suitable for large-scale network deployment, data center interconnection, computer room cabling and other needs to ensure fast and reliable data transmission and communication quality.

Product Features

40g active optical cable has high-speed transmission capabilities. It can support 40g Ethernet, infiniband QDR and other standard protocols, with a transmission rate of up to 40gbps, far exceeding traditional copper cables and passive optical cables. This means it can provide faster, more stable and more efficient data communication in data centers, cloud computing, high-performance computing and other fields.

40g active optical cable has the characteristics of high performance. It uses advanced optoelectronic integration technology to integrate the optical transmitter and optical receiver on the same end, achieving seamless conversion of electrical signals and optical signals. This not only saves space and cost, but also reduces power consumption and heat dissipation, and improves signal quality and anti-interference capabilities.

40g active optical cable has the characteristics of high reliability. It uses high-quality optical fiber materials and precise manufacturing processes to ensure the performance indicators of the optical cable in terms of bending radius, tensile strength, number of plugs and pulls, etc. It has also passed strict testing and certification, complies with international standards such as RoHS, CE, and FCC, and can work stably in various harsh environments.

40g active optical cable is an optical fiber transmission cable that integrates high speed, high performance and high reliability. It can provide users with a better data communication experience. If you want to know more about this product, please visit our website or contact our customer service staff. Thank you for your attention.

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