100g active optical cable

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Product Description

100g active optical cable (AOC) is a high-speed fiber optic transmission solution used to transmit data between computers and network equipment. It is a high-performance connection cable that integrates photoelectric converters and optical fiber transmission media.

AOC uses optical fiber as the transmission medium to achieve high-speed and long-distance data transmission by converting data into optical signals and transmitting them through optical fiber. It is commonly used in data centers, high-performance computing (HPC) environments, storage area networks (SANs) and other applications that require high bandwidth and low latency.

100g means that the AOC supports a data transfer rate of 100Gbps (gigabits per second). This rate is very high and suitable for handling large-scale data transfer and high-performance computing tasks. Compared with traditional copper cables or direct-connect cables, AOC has higher bandwidth and lower signal loss, providing more stable and reliable data transmission.

Another important component of AOC is the photoelectric converter, which is responsible for converting electrical signals into optical signals and optical signals into electrical signals. Photoelectric converters usually consist of lasers, receivers and control circuits, which can achieve high-speed photoelectric conversion and adapt to different optical fiber transmission distances.

100g active optical cable usually has a plug-in design and can be connected to devices that support corresponding interfaces, such as servers, network switches, routers, etc. It provides a convenient, high-performance connectivity solution that meets the needs of modern data centers and network environments for high-speed, reliable data transmission.

Product Application

1. Data center network:

Data centers are critical environments for storing and processing large-scale data. 100g active optical cable (AOC) can be used in data center networks to connect servers, storage devices and network switches.

Within the data center, 100g active optical cable can be used for interconnection between servers, supporting high-speed data transmission and low-latency communication. It provides high-bandwidth connections that enable various components within the data center to quickly share data.

Between data centers, it can be used to connect remote data centers to realize large-scale data transmission and sharing. This is important for data backup, disaster recovery and resource sharing.

2. High performance computing (HPC):

High-performance computing environments often involve large-scale scientific computing, simulation, and data processing tasks. Can be used to connect nodes and storage devices in high-performance computing clusters.

It provides high-bandwidth and low-latency data transmission to meet the needs of high-performance computing applications for fast data exchange. By using 100g active optical cable, computing tasks can be performed faster and overall system performance can be improved.

3. Cloud computing and virtualization environment:

Cloud computing and virtualization environments require high-speed, reliable data transmission to support virtual machine migration, resource allocation, and data storage. 100g active optical cable can meet these needs.

It provides high-bandwidth connectivity and supports fast virtual machine migration and data transfer. By using 100g AOC, more efficient resource utilization and faster service response times can be achieved.

Product Features

High-speed transmission: 100g AOC can provide data transmission rates of 100Gbps per second, which is much higher than traditional copper cables or passive optical cables. It can meet the needs of high-bandwidth applications such as data centers, cloud computing, and supercomputers.

Efficient and energy-saving: 100g active optical cable uses low-power optoelectronic chips, which can reduce system energy consumption and heat dissipation, thereby saving operation and maintenance costs and extending equipment life.

High performance and stability: 100g AOC has excellent signal integrity and anti-electromagnetic interference capabilities, which can ensure the reliability and security of data transmission. It also supports multiple protocols and standards, such as IEEE 802.3ba, InfiniBand QDR/FDR/EDR, etc., making it compatible with a variety of devices.

Simple and easy to use: 100g active optical cable is a plug-and-play product that requires no additional drivers or management software and can be easily installed and removed. It also has flexible length options, ranging from 1 meter to 100 meters, and can be customized according to different scenarios and needs.

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