3m active optical cable

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Product Description

3m Active Optical Cable (3m AOC) is a 3-meter active optical cable that uses fiber optic technology to achieve high-speed data transmission.

3m AOC includes components such as optical fibers, optoelectronic devices and cable jackets. It uses optoelectronic devices to convert electrical signals into optical signals and transmits the optical signals through optical fibers. The optoelectronic device at the receiving end converts the optical signal back into an electrical signal to realize data transmission.

The length of 3m Active Optical Cable is 3 meters, which is suitable for shorter distance data transmission needs. It can connect various devices, such as servers, network switches, storage devices, etc., to achieve high-speed and stable data transmission.

3m AOC usually adopts different interface standards, such as QSFP (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable) or SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable), to adapt to different application requirements and device interface types.

3m Active Optical Cable has some advantages, such as low transmission loss, high bandwidth, anti-electromagnetic interference, etc. It also has hot-swappable capabilities, allowing users to plug or unplug fiber optic cables while running without shutting down the system or interrupting data transfers.

Product Application

1. Data center:

  • In a data center environment, 3m AOC can be used to connect servers, storage devices and network switches to achieve high-speed, reliable data transmission and communication.
  • 3m AOC can carry large amounts of data and provide high bandwidth, and is suitable for fast data transmission within the data center, such as interconnection between servers and data exchange with storage devices.
  • It can also support high-density cabling, making connections between data center cabinets and equipment cleaner and more compact.


2. Short distance interconnection:

  • In short-distance interconnection scenarios inside cabinets or between devices, 3m AOC provides a high-speed and stable data transmission solution.
  • It can connect servers, network devices, storage devices, etc. to achieve fast data exchange and communication between devices.
  • The flexibility and reliability of 3m AOC make it ideal for building efficient interconnect architectures that can improve overall system performance and responsiveness.


3. Video transmission:

  • 3m AOC is widely used in the field of video transmission and can be connected to monitors, cameras, display screens and other equipment to realize the transmission and display of high-definition videos.
  • In applications such as television broadcasting, video conferencing, digital signage, and surveillance systems, 3m AOC can provide stable, high-quality video transmission to ensure the clarity and accuracy of images and video content.


4. High performance computing:

  • In scenarios that require large-scale data processing and high-speed computing, 3m AOC can be used to connect computing nodes, storage systems and network equipment to provide high-speed and stable data transmission.
  • It can support high-performance computing clusters, cloud computing environments, etc., speed up data processing and improve computing efficiency, and meet the needs for large-scale data processing and high-performance computing.


5. Server interconnection:

  • 3m AOC is suitable for interconnection between servers and can achieve fast data transmission and communication between servers.
  • In applications such as building high-performance server clusters and cloud server clusters, 3m AOC can provide high-bandwidth, low-latency data transmission and achieve efficient interconnection between servers.


6. Data storage:

  • 3m AOC can be used to connect storage devices, such as disk arrays, storage servers, etc., to provide high-speed and reliable data transmission and storage.
  • It can support fast data read and write operations and meet applications with high storage performance and reliability requirements, such as large-scale data storage, backup and recovery, etc.


By using 3m Active Optical Cables in these application scenarios, users can obtain high-bandwidth, low-latency, stable and reliable data transmission solutions to meet the needs of different industries and fields.

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Product Features

It supports data transfer rates of 100Gbps, which is 10 times faster than traditional copper cables and can meet the needs of applications such as big data and artificial intelligence.

3m active optical cable uses advanced optoelectronic integration technology to integrate the optical transmitter and optical receiver on the same chip, reducing signal loss and interference, and improving signal quality and reliability.

It adopts an active design that can automatically adjust optical power and voltage to adapt to different distances and environments, saving energy and costs.

3m active optical cable has good compatibility and can be seamlessly connected with existing QSFP28 interface without additional converters or adapters.

It has a small size and weight, facilitates installation and maintenance, and reduces space occupation and heat dissipation problems.

If you want to know more about 3m active optical cable, please visit our official website or contact our sales team. Thank you for your attention!

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