64 Channel AWG Module

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Product Description

64 Channel AWG Module is a high-performance optical fiber communication equipment with excellent performance and reliability, which can meet your various needs in the field of optical fiber communication. This product uses advanced technology and materials, is precision manufactured and rigorously tested to ensure its stability and reliability, providing you with a high-quality communication experience.

As a product with authoritative background, 64 Channel AWG Module is developed and produced by GracyFIber, a manufacturer in the optical fiber communication field. Our company has many years of experience and technology accumulation, and has a good reputation and reputation in the field of optical fiber communication equipment. As one of the important products of this manufacturer, this product has been recognized and appreciated by you. You can buy and use this product with confidence and enjoy professional technical support and high-quality after-sales service.

Product Application

-Optical communication system: 64 Channel AWG Module is often used for key functions such as optical analysis, modulation and transmission in optical communication systems. It can split optical signals into 64 different channels to achieve high-density optical transmission and multiplexing, providing greater bandwidth and capacity.

-Optical network monitoring: This module can be used for optical network monitoring and analysis. It can analyze the optical signals of 64 different channels and monitor the performance, quality and faults of the optical fiber network to ensure the normal operation and efficient performance of the network.

-Spectral Analysis: 64 Channel AWG Module can be used for spectral analysis applications. It can split optical signals into 64 different channels and provide high-resolution and accurate spectral analysis results for use in fields such as optical measurement, spectral analysis, and frequency domain analysis.

-Light sensing system: This module can be used for multi-channel measurements in light sensing systems. It can separate and process optical signals of different channels for various optical sensing applications, such as fiber optic sensing, biosensing, gas sensing, etc.

-Optical test and measurement: 64 Channel AWG Module can be used in optical test and measurement equipment. It can provide high-channel-count optical signal distribution and multiplexing for applications such as optical performance testing, fiber optic characteristic measurement, and optical device testing.

Product Features

(1) Highly integrated: This module can realize the transmission of 64 channels in a compact module, improving communication efficiency and bandwidth utilization.

(2) Low insertion loss and low wavelength dependence: This product can maintain signal stability and consistency, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of data transmission.

(3) Wide wavelength range: This module can adapt to the transmission of optical signals of different wavelengths, providing a more flexible and reliable communication solution.

(4) High channel isolation: This product can effectively isolate optical signals between different channels, prevent interference and cross-influence, and provide clear and stable communication services.

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