C-band AWG module

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Product Description

C-band AWG module is a high-performance optical multiplexer that uses advanced AWG technology to achieve high-density, high-speed, and high-reliability optical signal transmission in the C-band (1530-1565nm). This product is one of the most advanced optical communication devices currently on the market, with broad application prospects and huge market demand.

As a high-end optical equipment, C-band AWG module has multiple patented technologies and authoritative certifications, and is extremely reliable and stable. This product can not only meet your high-end needs, but also provide you with professional technical support and after-sales service, making it your trusted first choice.

Product Application

Optical fiber communication system: C-band AWG module is often used in wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) applications in optical fiber communication systems. C-band is a commonly used wavelength range in fiber optic communications, usually covering the wavelength range between 1525 nm and 1565 nm. The C-band AWG module can split and multiplex optical signals of different wavelengths in the C-band to achieve high-density optical fiber transmission and multiplexing.

Optical network monitoring and management: This module can be used for optical network monitoring and management. It can be used to analyze optical signals in the C-band and monitor the performance, quality and faults of optical fiber networks. By monitoring optical signals in the C-band, real-time monitoring and management of optical networks can be achieved.

Spectral analysis: C-band AWG module can be used for spectral analysis applications. It can split optical signals in the C-band into multiple wavelength channels and provide high-resolution and accurate spectral analysis results for use in optical measurement, spectral analysis, frequency domain analysis and other fields.

Optical Test and Measurement: This module can be used in optical test and measurement equipment. It can provide optical signal distribution and multiplexing in the C-band, and is used for applications such as optical performance testing, fiber characteristic measurement, and optical device testing.

Optical sensing system: C-band AWG module can be used for multi-channel measurement in optical sensing systems. It can separate and process optical signals within the C-band and is used in various optical sensing applications, such as fiber optic sensing, biosensing, gas sensing, etc.

Product Features

1. High density: This module uses advanced AWG technology to achieve high-density optical signal transmission, which can greatly improve the transmission efficiency and bandwidth of optical fiber communication networks.

2. High speed: This module has extremely high transmission speed and data processing capabilities, and can support high-speed, high-bandwidth data transmission and storage.

3. High reliability: This module adopts a number of patented technologies and authoritative certifications, has extremely high reliability and stability, and can meet the high-end needs of customers.

4. High precision: This module can achieve high-precision and high-sensitivity optical sensing and can be widely used in environmental monitoring, biomedicine, industrial detection and other fields.

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