DWDM/CWDM 5U optical transmission system

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Product Description

I am pleased to introduce to you our exciting product—DWDM/CWDM 5U optical transmission system! This product will bring breakthrough changes to your business, make your network speed leap, and make your business take off.

This product not only provides breathtaking high-speed transmission and broadband capabilities, but also has excellent stability and reliability. Your data will be transferred at lightning speeds, ensuring your business is not disrupted by any delays or interruptions.

Our DWDM/CWDM 5U optical transmission system is simple in design and easy to operate, saving you time and energy. Whether it’s rapid deployment or flexible network architecture, our products can meet your needs, allowing you to focus on growing and developing your business.

Safety is the primary consideration for our products. The DWDM/CWDM 5U optical transmission system uses the most advanced encryption technology to ensure that your data is always under the strongest protection. You can transmit sensitive customer information, trade secrets, or other important data without worrying about security.

In addition, our products are highly scalable. As your business expands and needs increase, the DWDM/CWDM 5U optical transmission system can easily expand, providing you with lasting support and ensuring that your network can meet future challenges.

Choose our DWDM/CWDM 5U optical transmission system to make your business unique! Not only will it meet your needs, but it will also bring huge advantages to your business. Miss this opportunity and you will lose your chance to lead the industry.

Product Application

1. Telecom operators: DWDM/CWDM 5U optical transmission system is an ideal choice for telecom operators to build high-speed, high-capacity optical fiber transmission networks. It has excellent transmission speed and bandwidth capabilities, which can meet the needs of telecom operators to transmit large amounts of data and voice communications across cities or internationally, and supports key communications services such as high-speed broadband access, video streaming, and cloud services.

2. Data center: In large data centers, DWDM/CWDM 5U optical transmission systems can be used for high-speed connections between data centers to achieve fast and reliable data transmission and backup. It provides high-bandwidth, low-latency transmission capabilities, helps data centers support key applications such as cloud computing, virtualization, and big data processing, and provides efficient interconnection between data centers.

3. Financial industry: Financial institutions have extremely high requirements for high-speed, safe and stable data transmission. DWDM/CWDM 5U optical transmission system can help financial institutions build reliable network infrastructure to support high-frequency transactions, financial data transmission and connections between branches. Its high-speed transmission and low-latency characteristics ensure the real-time nature of financial transactions and the security of data.

4. Healthcare: In the medical industry, DWDM/CWDM 5U optical transmission system plays a key role. It provides high-speed, reliable network connectivity to support critical applications such as remote medical diagnosis, remote surgery and medical image transmission. Real-time transmission and confidentiality of medical data are key elements for a successful medical practice, and this is exactly what the DWDM/CWDM 5U optical transmission system provides.

5. Educational institutions: Educational institutions require high-speed and stable network connections to support online education, distance learning and multimedia resource sharing. The DWDM/CWDM 5U optical transmission system provides high-capacity and high-bandwidth network transmission, provides educational institutions with high-quality video streaming and online interactive experiences, and promotes the digital transformation and innovative development of education.

It provides excellent performance and reliability, meets the needs of high-speed and high-bandwidth transmission, and promotes digital transformation and business innovation in various industries. No matter your industry, this product can provide you with outstanding performance and the opportunity to help your business grow.

Product Features

Large-capacity transmission and modular upgrade capabilities support C-band 96-wavelength 10G system transmission. Supports single-channel access rates up to 400Gbit/s.

Supports single-stage multiplexing/demultiplexing architecture of 80/96 wavelengths, eliminating the need for OCI to achieve 80-wavelength multiplexing/demultiplexing.

It supports system expansion from 40/48 to 80/96 wavelengths and modular expansion from 10G to 400G, ensuring low investment in the early stage of network construction and smooth expansion in the later stage to meet the growing bandwidth demand in the future.

Multi-rate, multi-protocol, full-service access, integrating SDH/SONET services of various speed levels, POS, GE, 10GE, 40GE, 100GE data services, and access to SAN, CPRI and other services.

Highly integrated, environmentally friendly, and easy to maintain, the 5U rack supports 16 service slots and has ultra-high integration. The all-optical interface is pluggable and reusable, reducing investment in spare parts.

It has compact structure and flexible installation, and can be installed in a cabinet with a depth of 300mm. Supports configuration-free installation, and the device is plug-and-play.

Supports a unified network management platform and provides complete performance monitoring capabilities for network and device performance.

The industry’s lowest power consumption helps operators build green and energy-saving networks. Excellent architectural design and secure data transmission.

Provides a variety of network-level protection to provide comprehensive protection for fiber optic lines and services. Provide comprehensive equipment protection: power equipment protection, fan protection.

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