FC APC Patch Cord

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Product Description

FC APC Patch Cord is a fiber optic connection cable used to connect devices or interfaces with FC (Fiber Connector) and APC (Angled Physical Contact) connectors. It is an optical fiber cable with different connector types that transmits optical signals from one connector to another, enabling optical fiber communication and data transmission between devices.

FC connector is a commonly used fiber optic connector that uses a rotating insertion and thread locking mechanism to provide reliable connection and fixation. The APC connector is a special FC connector with an inclined fiber end face and uses bevel contact technology to reduce the reflection and return loss of optical signals.

FC APC Patch Cord provides a fiber optic connectivity solution that bridges different connector types by connecting the two ends of the FC connector and APC connector together. It allows connecting devices with FC and APC connectors to achieve high-speed, stable fiber optic communication and data transmission.

Product Application

FC APC Patch Cord plays an important role in optical fiber communication networks. They are used to connect optical fiber links between optical fiber transmission equipment, optical fiber jumper boxes, optical fiber distribution racks and optical fiber access terminals. These networks can be long-distance fiber optic transmission systems or fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks. FC APC Patch Cord provides low return loss, high optical signal integrity and low reflection attenuation, ensuring stable, high-quality fiber optic communications.

In data centers, FC APC Patch Cord is used to connect fiber optic communications between devices such as servers, network switches, routers, and storage devices. Data centers have high requirements for high-speed and stable data transmission and communication. Using FC APC Patch Cord can reduce return loss and provide more reliable connection performance.

In wireless communication base stations, FC APC Patch Cord is used to connect fiber optic links between fiber optic cables and antenna devices. They support high-speed, stable optical fiber transmission and ensure fast and reliable transmission of wireless signals, which is very critical for operators providing mobile communication services.

FC APC Patch Cord is widely used in video transmission and broadcast fields. They are used to connect fiber optic links between broadcast cameras, video servers, broadcast equipment and monitors, enabling the transmission and distribution of high-definition video signals. High-quality connection performance is crucial to ensure video quality and signal stability.

FC APC Patch Cord plays an important role in fiber optic test and measurement applications. They are used to connect equipment such as fiber optic test instruments, spectrum analyzers and optical power meters for fiber performance testing, troubleshooting and fiber quality assessment. Professional FC APC Patch Cord can provide precise signal transmission to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results.

Product Features

1. Low return loss: The inclined end face of the APC connector reduces the degree of reflection of optical signals between connectors, thereby reducing return loss. This means that less light signal is reflected back to the device that sent the light signal, providing higher signal transmission quality and stability.

2. High optical signal integrity: Due to the design of the inclined end face, FC APC Patch Cord can effectively reduce the interference and loss of optical signals and provide better signal integrity. This is particularly important for applications that require high-quality fiber connections, such as fiber optic communications and high-speed data transmission.

3. Reflection attenuation characteristics: The inclined end face of the APC connector can effectively reduce the reflection of optical signals and reduce interference and loss. This makes FC APC Patch Cord advantageous in applications that require strict requirements on reflection attenuation, such as fiber optic measurement, spectral analysis, and sensor applications.

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