FC LC Patch Cord

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Product Description

FC LC Patch Cord is a fiber optic connection cable used to connect devices or interfaces with FC (Fiber Connector) and LC (Lucent Connector) connectors. It is an optical fiber cable with different connector types that transmits optical signals from one connector to another, enabling optical fiber communication and data transmission between devices.

FC connector is a commonly used fiber optic connector that uses a rotating insertion and thread locking mechanism to provide reliable connection and fixation. It is commonly used in data centers, network equipment, and fiber optic communications systems.

The LC connector is another common fiber optic connector that uses a push-in and pull-ring locking mechanism to provide smaller size and high-density connection capabilities. Due to its miniaturized design, LC connectors are widely used in high-density optical fiber equipment, optical fiber terminal equipment, and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) fields.

FC LC Patch Cord provides a fiber optic connectivity solution that bridges different connector types by joining the two ends of FC connectors and LC connectors together. It allows connecting devices with FC and LC connectors to achieve high-speed, stable fiber optic communication and data transmission.

FC LC Patch Cord typically uses single-mode fiber or multi-mode fiber, depending on application requirements. Single-mode fiber is suitable for long-distance transmission and high-speed communications, while multi-mode fiber is suitable for short-distance transmission and lower-speed applications.

Product Application

1. In data centers, FC LC Patch Cord is used to connect fiber optic communications between devices such as servers, network switches, routers, and storage devices. They provide high-speed, stable connections to support fast data transfer and communication needs within the data center.

2. In enterprise network environments, FC LC Patch Cord is used to connect local area network (LAN) devices, network access points, and fiber optic links between floors. They can be used to establish reliable network connections, support high-speed data transmission and network communications, and meet the needs of internal corporate communication and data sharing.

3.FC LC Patch Cord plays an important role in communication networks and is used to connect optical fiber communication equipment, optical fiber transmission systems and optical cable networks. They can be used to establish reliable fiber optic connections, support long-distance, high-speed optical signal transmission, and meet the communication needs of telecom operators and service providers.

4.FC LC Patch Cord is also widely used in video transmission fields, such as broadcasting, television production and video surveillance systems. They can be used to connect fiber optic links between video cameras, video servers and monitors, enabling the transmission and distribution of high-definition video signals.

5. In fiber optic test and measurement applications, FC LC Patch Cord is used to connect instruments such as fiber optic test equipment, spectrum analyzers, and optical power meters. They provide precise optical signal transmission to aid in fiber performance testing, troubleshooting, and fiber quality assessment.

6. In fiber-to-the-home networks, FC LC Patch Cord is used to connect optical fiber connections between optical terminal equipment (ONT) and user terminal equipment (such as fiber optic modems). They support high-speed home and business broadband access and provide reliable fiber optic communications services.

Product Features

1. High-Quality Connectors: FC LC Patch Cord uses high-quality FC and LC connectors to ensure reliable connection performance. The connector is precisely designed and manufactured with excellent insertion loss and return loss performance to ensure the transmission quality of optical signals.

2. Low insertion loss: FC LC Patch Cord uses high-quality optical fiber and connector components to provide low insertion loss connections. Low insertion loss ensures minimal attenuation of optical signals during the connection process, providing high-quality signal transmission.

3. High return loss: FC LC Patch Cord has high return loss characteristics, that is, the degree of reflection of optical signals between connectors is very low. High return loss reduces interference and loss caused by signal reflection, ensuring the stability and reliability of the connection.

4. Excellent compatibility: FC LC Patch Cord is compatible with standard FC and LC connectors, allowing seamless connection with various devices and interfaces. This makes it widely applicable in different fiber optic communications and network applications.

5. Fine manufacturing and quality control: Professional FC LC Patch Cord undergoes fine manufacturing and strict quality control to ensure product consistency and stability. Each cable undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its performance meets or exceeds industry standards.

6. Durability and reliability: FC LC Patch Cord uses high-quality fiber optic and connector materials, which has good durability and reliability. They can withstand frequent plugging and unplugging and use in various environmental conditions, ensuring stable connection performance over time.

7. Customized options: According to customer needs, FC LC Patch Cord can provide customized options of different lengths, fiber specifications and cable types. This enables it to meet the personalized needs of different application scenarios and system requirements.

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