FC PC Patch Cord

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Product Description

FC PC Patch Cord is a fiber optic connection cable used to connect devices or interfaces with FC (Fiber Connector) and PC (Physical Contact) connectors. It is an optical fiber cable with different connector types that transmits optical signals from one connector to another, enabling optical fiber communication and data transmission between devices.

FC connector is a common fiber optic connector that uses a rotating insertion and thread locking mechanism to provide reliable connection and fixation. The PC connector is a commonly used FC connector variant, and its optical fiber end face is flattened to ensure physical contact and reduce the reflection and return loss of optical signals.

FC PC Patch Cord provides a fiber optic connectivity solution that bridges different connector types by joining the two ends of the FC connector and PC connector together. It allows connecting devices with FC and PC connectors to achieve high-speed, stable fiber optic communication and data transmission.

Product Application

FC PC Patch Cord is a common fiber optic connection cable found in data centers and server architectures. They are used to connect critical components such as servers, network switches, routers, and storage devices. Since data centers have extremely high requirements for fast, high-capacity data transmission, FC PC Patch Cord provides stable, high-quality fiber optic connections to ensure the reliability and performance of the data center.

FC PC Patch Cord is widely used in various communication networks and telecommunications infrastructure. They are used to connect equipment such as fiber optic transmission equipment, fiber optic jumper boxes, fiber optic distribution frames, and fiber optic access terminals. These networks can be long-distance fiber optic transmission systems or fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks. FC PC Patch Cord provides stable fiber optic communication, ensuring high-quality signal transmission and connection performance.

In the video production and broadcasting industry, FC PC Patch Cord plays an important role. They are used to connect equipment such as broadcast cameras, video servers, broadcast equipment and monitors to achieve the transmission and distribution of high-definition video signals. Professional-grade FC PC Patch Cord provides high-quality connectivity performance, ensuring video quality and signal stability.

FC PC Patch Cord is very common in fiber optic test and measurement applications. They are used to connect equipment such as fiber optic test equipment, spectrum analyzers, and optical power meters for fiber performance testing, troubleshooting, and fiber quality assessment. Professional-grade FC PC Patch Cord can provide accurate signal transmission, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of test results.

Product Features

1. High-quality fiber optic materials: Professional-grade FC PC Patch Cord uses high-quality fiber optic materials, such as single-mode fiber or multi-mode fiber. These optical fibers have the characteristics of low loss, low attenuation and high bandwidth, enabling high-speed, long-distance optical fiber transmission.

2. Premium Connectors: Professional-grade FC PC Patch Cord comes with high-quality FC and PC connectors. These connectors are precision machined and optimized to ensure precise physical contact and stable connection performance. They feature excellent insertion loss and return loss performance to provide reliable signal transmission.

3. Low return loss: The PC connector end face of FC PC Patch Cord undergoes fine plane processing to reduce the reflection of optical signals and reduce return loss. The low return loss design helps provide a more stable and reliable fiber optic connection, reducing signal interference and attenuation.

4. Low insertion loss: Professional-grade FC PC Patch Cord has low insertion loss. Insertion loss refers to the power loss of optical signals during connector insertion and transmission. By optimizing the connector design and assembly process, professional-grade FC PC Patch Cord is able to minimize insertion loss, ensuring efficient signal transmission and maximum signal strength.

5. Durability and reliability: Professional-grade FC PC Patch Cord has excellent durability and reliability. They undergo rigorous testing and quality control to ensure stable performance under a variety of environmental conditions. Durable outer jacket and connector design withstand frequent mating, unmating and bending, extending service life and reducing failure rates.

6. Diversified choices: Professional-grade FC PC Patch Cord provides diverse choices, including different lengths, different fiber types (single-mode or multi-mode) and different outer diameter sizes. This enables users to select the product best suited for their application based on specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

7. Comply with standards: Professional-grade FC PC Patch Cord complies with relevant industry standards and specifications, such as TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards. This ensures product consistency, interoperability and reliability.

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