LC Duplex Patch Cord

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Product Description

LC duplex patch cord is a fiber optic patch cord that uses LC connectors and uses dual-mode (Duplex) fiber. It is equipped with LC connectors at both ends for connecting devices with corresponding interfaces to achieve the transmission and reception of optical signals.

The LC connector is a miniaturized connector with a square shape. It features a plug-in/uninstall mechanism that makes connecting and disconnecting quick and easy. LC connectors are usually used in high-density fiber optic cabling environments. Their small size makes them suitable for places with limited space, allowing flexible arrangement and connection of equipment.

Duplex fiber is a fiber type that can transmit and receive optical signals simultaneously. It is typically used in applications that require bidirectional communication, such as connections between network switches or connections to fiber optic converters. Dual-mode fiber supports data transmission over shorter distances and has higher bandwidth.

Product Application

1. Communication network: LC Duplex Patch Cord plays an important role in various communication networks. It can connect fiber optic switches, fiber optic converters, fiber optic transmission equipment, etc., and is used to transmit optical signals for telephone, Internet and other communication services.

2. Data Center: In large data centers, LC Duplex Patch Cord is often used to connect fiber optic links between servers, network switches, storage devices, etc. Its miniaturized LC connector and dual-mode optical fiber characteristics make it suitable for high-density optical fiber cabling environments, providing high-bandwidth, low insertion loss data transmission.

3. Computer room cabling: In computer room cabling, LC Duplex Patch Cord is used to connect optical fiber links between racks, cabinets, equipment and patch panels. It can realize fast and flexible optical fiber connection and meet the high-density cabling and high-bandwidth requirements of the computer room.

4. Radio and television: In the radio and television industry, LC Duplex Patch Cord is often used for audio and video transmission and signal distribution. It can connect to broadcast equipment, video servers, monitors, etc. to realize the transmission of high-definition video and audio signals and ensure the quality and stability of broadcast and television signals.

5. Local Area Network (LAN): LC Duplex Patch Cord is widely used in various LAN environments. It can connect computers, network devices, wireless access points, etc., and provide fast and reliable fiber optic connections to meet high-speed data transmission and network communication needs.

Product Features

1. Low insertion loss and low reflection: It has low insertion loss and low reflection characteristics. It uses high-quality optical fiber and connector materials to ensure minimal loss and reflection during optical signal transmission, providing reliable signal transmission quality.

2. High reliability: After strict manufacturing and testing, it has high reliability. It can withstand frequent connection and disconnection operations, maintain stable performance and connection quality, and adapt to various working environments.

3. Flexibility and ease of installation: Provides flexible connection options and ease of installation. Users can choose jumpers of different lengths as needed and connect them according to the network topology to meet specific wiring needs. The connector’s insertion/removal mechanism makes installation and maintenance operations simple and convenient.

4. Compatibility: Compatible with standard LC interface, and can be connected with other devices and modules with corresponding interfaces. This compatibility makes it more versatile and easy to integrate into existing fiber optic network environments.

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