2m LC LC Fiber Patch Cord

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Product Description

2m LC LC Fiber Patch Cord, as a professional optical fiber connection cable, is widely used in data centers, enterprise networks, communication networks, scientific research laboratories, wide area networks and metropolitan area networks. It provides excellent optical fiber connection solutions for various fields through its high-quality optical fiber connection, stable signal transmission, low loss and reliability, meeting the requirements of high-speed data transmission, communication needs and experimental testing.

Product Application

In modern data centers, high-speed, reliable fiber optic connectivity is critical. 2m LC LC Fiber Patch Cord is a common connection cable that can be used to connect servers, switches, storage devices and other devices to ensure high-bandwidth, low-latency data transmission. Its high-quality optical fiber connection and stable signal transmission characteristics meet the needs of data centers for fast and reliable connections.

Enterprise networks need to support large amounts of data transfer and efficient communications. 2m LC LC Fiber Patch Cord can be used to connect network equipment in the office, such as switches, routers, optical fiber distribution frames, etc. Through its reliable connection performance and low loss characteristics, it provides high-speed and stable data transmission, providing excellent performance and manageability for enterprise networks.

2m LC LC Fiber Patch Cord plays an important role in communication networks. It can be used for the connection between the starting point and the ending point in the optical fiber communication system, such as optical fiber terminal equipment, optical transmission equipment, etc. Through its high-quality fiber optic connection and low insertion loss, it ensures reliable transmission of signals and supports high-speed broadband communication and multimedia data transmission.

In scientific research and laboratory environments, 2m LC LC Fiber Patch Cord is widely used in optical experiments and testing. It can be used to connect optical devices, spectrometers, fiber optic sensors and other equipment to provide stable and high-quality optical signal transmission to meet the needs of precise experiments and testing.

2m LC LC Fiber Patch Cord can also be used in Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN). It can be used to connect equipment in different areas or on different floors to achieve long-distance optical fiber transmission. It meets communication needs across geographical locations through its reliability, stability and high-performance connectivity features.

Product Features

1.Multi-mode or single-mode optical fiber: 2m LC LC Fiber Patch Cord can be used in multi-mode or single-mode optical fiber systems. Multimode fiber is suitable for short-distance transmission, while single-mode fiber is suitable for long-distance transmission and high-speed communication. Depending on the specific application requirements, the appropriate fiber type can be selected.

2. Moderate length: 2m LC LC Fiber Patch Cord’s 2-meter length is suitable for short and medium distance optical fiber connection needs. It can meet the distance requirements between devices and help reduce signal attenuation and distortion, providing stable data transmission.

3.LC connector: Both ends of the 2m LC LC Fiber Patch Cord are equipped with LC connectors, which are miniaturized connectors. LC connectors have a compact design and high-density connection capabilities, making them suitable for high-density fiber optic cabling environments. It provides a reliable connection while also being easy to install and maintain.

4. High-quality optical fiber connection: 2m LC LC Fiber Patch Cord uses high-quality optical fiber and LC connectors to ensure reliable optical signal transmission and high-quality connection performance. It has been strictly manufactured and tested and has low insertion loss, low reflection loss and stable signal transmission characteristics to ensure accurate transmission and integrity of data.

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