LC SC Singlemode Patch Cord

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Product Description

A patch cord is a cable used to connect fiber optic equipment. It is equipped with LC and SC connectors at both ends to connect to different types of equipment. LC-SC Singlemode Patch Cord is a fiber optic patch cord used to connect devices with LC and SC interfaces in single-mode fiber optic networks.

LC connectors and SC connectors are both common fiber optic connector types. The LC connector is a miniaturized connector with a square shape and is suitable for high-density fiber optic cabling environments. The SC connector is a commonly used connector with a circular shape and good plugging and unplugging performance and reliability.

Singlemode indicates that the patch cord is suitable for single-mode fiber optic networks. Single-mode fiber is a type of optical fiber suitable for long-distance transmission and high-speed data transmission. It is capable of transmitting a single light mode, providing excellent transmission performance and signal quality.

Product Application

1. Data center: A data center is a centralized management and exchange center for large-scale computing and storage equipment. LC-SC Singlemode Patch Cord can be used to connect fiber switches, servers and storage devices in data centers to support high-speed, reliable data transmission and communication.

2. Telecommunications network: LC-SC Singlemode Patch Cord plays an important role in telecommunications networks. It can be used for connections between fiber optic communication equipment, including fiber optic switches, fiber optic transmission equipment, fiber optic modems, etc. These devices usually use SC interfaces, while LC interfaces are commonly used for connections to user terminals.

3. Optical fiber access network: LC-SC Singlemode Patch Cord is widely used in optical fiber access networks. Optical fiber access network is a network system that introduces optical fiber into user’s residence, office or enterprise. This jumper can be used to connect fiber optic terminal equipment, optical modems, fiber optic modems, etc. to provide high-speed and stable broadband access services.

4. Wide Area Network (WAN): LC-SC Singlemode Patch Cord can be used for fiber optic connections to WAN. WAN is a computer network that connects computers in different geographical locations. LC-SC Singlemode Patch Cord can be used to connect fiber optic equipment located in different locations to support remote communication and data transmission.

5. Scientific research and laboratories: High-precision, high-speed data transmission and measurement are required in scientific research and laboratory environments. The LC-SC Singlemode Patch Cord can be used to connect optical measurement equipment, spectrometers, lasers and other scientific instruments for precise optical experiments and data collection.

Product Features

1. Flexibility: LC-SC Singlemode Patch Cord offers multiple length and specification options to suit different application needs. Users can choose the appropriate jumper length and specifications according to the actual situation to meet specific wiring environment requirements.

2. Easy to install: LC-SC Singlemode Patch Cord has a simple plug-in and pull-out mechanism, making installation quick and easy. Users can easily connect to devices with LC and SC interfaces without requiring additional tools or special skills.

3. Low insertion loss: LC-SC Singlemode Patch Cord uses high-quality optical fibers and connectors to ensure low insertion loss. This means that during the transmission of optical signals, the loss of optical energy is minimized and high-quality data transmission is ensured.

4. High reliability: LC-SC Singlemode Patch Cord undergoes strict quality control and testing to ensure its reliability and long life. It uses high-quality materials and manufacturing processes to operate stably under various environmental conditions, ensuring the reliability of data transmission.

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