LC to LC Patch Cord 10 Meter

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Product Description

LC to LC Patch Cord 10 Meter is a 10 meter length LC to LC fiber optic connection cable that features high quality fiber optic connections, moderate length and LC connectors. It is suitable for fiber optic connection needs across longer distances and provides reliable fiber optic connection solutions in scenarios such as data centers, enterprise networks, and communication networks.

Product Application

LC to LC Patch Cord 10 Meter can be used to connect key equipment such as servers, switches, and storage devices in data centers to achieve high-capacity, low-latency data communication. It provides a moderate length to span longer distance equipment connection needs, providing an efficient fiber optic connection solution for data centers.

LC to LC Patch Cord 10 Meter can be used to connect network equipment between different floors and different departments to achieve high-speed and stable data transmission. It is suitable for various network architectures, including local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) and metropolitan area network (MAN), providing enterprises with reliable fiber optic connection solutions to support data sharing, remote collaboration and business applications.

LC to LC Patch Cord 10 Meter plays an important role in fiber optic communication networks. It can be used to connect key components such as fiber optic switches, fiber optic transmission equipment, and fiber optic amplifiers to achieve long-distance, high-speed fiber optic communications. Its high-quality optical fiber connection and stable signal transmission capabilities ensure the reliability and performance of the communication network.

LC to LC Patch Cord 10 Meter is widely used in optical experiments and research fields. It can be used to connect spectrometers, fiber optic sensors, laser equipment, etc. to support precise optical measurements and experimental research. Its moderate length and high-quality fiber optic connections provide scientists and researchers with a reliable fiber optic connection solution.

LC to LC Patch Cord 10 Meter can be used to connect production equipment, broadcast equipment, transmission equipment, etc. to achieve high-quality audio and video signal transmission. Its reliable optical fiber connection capability and moderate length meet the requirements of the broadcast and television industry for high-definition video and high-fidelity audio transmission.

Product Features

1. High-quality optical fiber connection: LC to LC Patch Cord 10 Meter uses high-quality optical fiber and LC connectors to ensure reliable optical signal transmission and high-quality connection performance. It is carefully designed and manufactured with low insertion loss, low reflection loss and stable signal transmission characteristics to ensure accurate transmission and integrity of data.

2. Moderate length: The length of this connection cable is 10 meters, which is suitable for medium-distance optical fiber connection needs. It provides sufficient length to meet distance requirements between devices in scenarios such as data centers, enterprise networks, and communication networks. At the same time, the moderate length helps reduce signal attenuation and distortion, providing stable data transmission.

3.LC connector: LC to LC Patch Cord 10 Meter is equipped with LC connectors at both ends, which is a miniaturized connector. LC connectors have a compact design and high-density connection capabilities, making them suitable for high-density fiber optic cabling environments. Not only does it provide a reliable connection, it is also easy to install and maintain.

4. Low loss and low reflection: LC to LC Patch Cord 10 Meter has the characteristics of low insertion loss and low reflection loss. Low insertion loss ensures minimal loss of optical signals during transmission, improving transmission efficiency and reliability. Low reflection loss can reduce the reflection of optical signals and improve the stability and quality of data transmission.

5. Wide wavelength adaptability: LC to LC Patch Cord 10 Meter has wide wavelength adaptability and can be applied to a variety of optical fiber communication and transmission systems. It supports common wavelength ranges, including common wavelengths of single-mode and multi-mode optical fibers, to meet the requirements of different application scenarios.

6. Reliability and Durability: LC to LC Patch Cord 10 Meter has undergone strict quality control and testing and has excellent reliability and durability. It is able to work in a variety of environmental conditions and withstand frequent plugging and use, ensuring long-term stable performance and connection quality.

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