LC LC Patch Cord

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Product Description

LC LC Patch Cord refers to an optical fiber connection cable with LC connectors on both ends. LC connector is a common fiber optic connector with miniaturized design and high-density connection capabilities. LC connectors usually use 1.25mm ceramic ferrules to provide reliable fiber optic connections.

LC LC Patch Cord is usually used in fiber optic communications and networks to connect fiber optic equipment, such as fiber optic switches, fiber optic transmission equipment, fiber optic transceivers, etc. It is widely used in data centers, enterprise networks, communication networks and other fields to realize the transmission and communication of optical signals.

Product Application

In modern data centers, high-speed, reliable data transmission is crucial. LC LC Patch Cord ensures efficient fiber optic connections by providing low insertion loss and low reflection loss connections. It can be used to connect servers, storage devices, network switches, etc., to support high-speed data transmission and communication requirements within the data center.

Enterprise networks often need to connect multiple floors, departments and computer rooms, and LC LC Patch Cord can meet this need. It can be used to establish reliable fiber optic connections, ensuring high-speed data transmission and communication quality. Whether inside an office building or on a campus network, the LC LC Patch Cord is ideal for connecting critical equipment.

In the optical fiber communication network, LC LC Patch Cord plays an important role. It can be used to connect optical fiber transmission equipment, optical fiber transceivers, optical fiber jumper boxes, etc., to realize signal transmission and connection between optical fibers. LC LC Patch Cord has the characteristics of low loss and high reliability, which is very critical for long-distance transmission and high-speed communication.

In scientific research laboratories, various optical experiments and tests need to be performed. LC LC Patch Cord provides stable and reliable fiber optic connections for connecting optical devices, spectrometers, fiber optic sensors, etc. It can ensure the accuracy and repeatability of experimental data and meet the needs of scientific researchers for precision optical experiments.

Product Features

1.LC connector: LC LC Patch Cord uses LC connectors as the interface at both ends. The LC connector is a miniaturized connector with a 1.25mm ceramic ferrule, suitable for high-density fiber optic connection environments. It provides robust plugging and unplugging performance and excellent optical performance.

2. Low insertion loss: LC LC Patch Cord has extremely low insertion loss, ensuring minimal attenuation of optical signals during the connection process. This helps provide high-quality signal transmission and reduces signal loss during data transmission.

3. High reliability: The connection of LC LC Patch Cord is stable and reliable, and can maintain a long-term fiber connection. It uses precision connection technology and high-quality materials to ensure reliability and stability in harsh environments.

4. High bandwidth support: LC LC Patch Cord can support high bandwidth data transmission requirements. Whether in data centers, enterprise networks or communication networks, it can meet the requirements of high-speed data transmission and communication, ensuring fast and reliable data exchange.

5. Flexible length and specification selection: LC LC Patch Cord provides flexible length and specification selection to meet the needs of different application scenarios. Users can select appropriate cable lengths and optical fiber specifications according to specific requirements to adapt to the connection needs between different devices.

6. Single-mode and multi-mode compatible: LC LC Patch Cord can be applied to single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic systems. Users can choose the appropriate fiber type according to specific application needs to meet transmission requirements of different distances and speeds.

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