LC to SC Apc Patch Cord

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Product Description

LC to SC APC Patch Cord is a fiber optic patch cord used to connect two different types of fiber optic connectors, LC and SC APC.

In the LC to SC APC Patch Cord, LC and SC APC represent the connector type and end-face treatment technology respectively. The LC connector is a miniaturized connector commonly used in high-density fiber optic connection environments. The SC APC connector is a connector for single-mode optical fiber. Its end face adopts Angled Physical Contact (APC) processing technology.

Bevel Physical Contact (APC) processing technology causes optical signals to be reflected at a smaller angle by beveling the end face of the connector, thereby reducing reflection loss and return loss. This processing technology is particularly suitable for single-mode fiber systems and can provide excellent optical performance and connection quality.

Product Application

LC to SC APC patch cord is an important part of building a single-mode fiber optic communication network. It can be used in scenarios such as fiber optic access networks, fiber optic backbone networks, and fiber optic distributed systems. It is used to connect fiber optic switches, fiber optic routers, fiber optic terminal equipment, etc., to achieve high-speed and stable single-mode optical signal transmission.

In high-density data center environments, LC to SC APC Patch Cord is widely used to connect servers, network equipment, storage devices, etc. The compatibility of its LC and SC APC connectors makes it suitable for connecting different types of equipment, enabling high-speed connection and transmission of single-mode optical fiber.

LC to SC APC patch cords are also used in the field of fiber optic sensing. Optical fiber sensing technology uses the characteristics of optical fibers to measure and monitor physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, and deformation. LC to SC APC Patch Cord can be used to connect fiber optic sensors and data acquisition equipment to achieve high-precision, long-distance fiber optic sensing systems.

LC to SC APC patch cords play an important role in the field of fiber optic measurement and testing. It can be used to connect optical power meters, spectrum analyzers, optical time domain reflectometers and other test equipment to perform fiber network performance evaluation, troubleshooting and quality verification.

LC to SC APC patch cords are also widely used in cable television (CATV) and fiber optic broadcast systems. It can be used to connect fiber optic modems, fiber optic amplifiers, fiber optic splitters and other equipment to achieve high-quality video and audio signal transmission.

Product Features

LC to SC APC Patch Cord is suitable for single-mode optical fiber systems and can support the transmission of single-mode optical signals. It can meet the requirements for high-speed, long-distance transmission and maintain high quality of signals.

The connector end faces of the LC to SC APC Patch Cord are precisely polished and coated, giving them extremely low insertion loss. This means that LC to SC APC Patch Cord can provide efficient optical signal transmission and ensure the reliability and integrity of data transmission.

LC to SC APC Patch Cord has undergone strict quality control and testing and has a high degree of reliability and stability. It delivers durable performance in a variety of environments and applications, enduring frequent connections and disconnections.

LC to SC APC Patch Cord provides flexible options. Users can choose patch cords of different lengths according to needs and connect according to the network topology. At the same time, the plug-in/uninstall design of the connector makes installation and maintenance operations simple and convenient.

The LC to SC APC Patch Cord is compatible with LC and SC APC connectors and can be used with other compatible fiber optic equipment and connectors, providing broad compatibility.

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