LC to SC Fiber Patch Cord

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Product Description

It is a fiber optic jumper cable used to connect fiber optic connections between LC connectors and SC connectors. The LC connector is a miniaturized connector, while the SC connector is a commonly used optical fiber connector.

Usually consists of two optical fibers and connectors. One end is an LC connector and the other end is an SC connector. LC connectors have a miniaturized design and are suitable for high-density fiber optic connection environments, such as data centers and fiber optic communication networks.

Can be used in single-mode fiber or multi-mode fiber systems. Single-mode fiber is suitable for long-distance and high-speed transmission, while multi-mode fiber is suitable for short-distance and low-speed transmission. The SC connector is a commonly used optical fiber connector with a square connector and a plug-in connection method.

Product Application

A data center is a centralized management and exchange center for large-scale computing and storage equipment. LC to SC Fiber Patch Cord is commonly used to connect fiber optic switches, servers, storage devices and network equipment in data centers to achieve high-speed, reliable data transmission and communication. Its small form factor and high-density connectivity capabilities make it ideal for fiber optic cabling and connectivity in data centers.

Plays an important role in optical fiber communication networks. It is used to connect fiber optic switches, fiber optic routers, fiber optic terminal equipment, fiber optic distribution racks, etc. to realize the transmission and connection of optical signals. Fiber optic communication networks require high-speed and stable data transmission, and LC to SC Fiber Patch Cord provides reliable fiber optic connection solutions.

Fiber optic sensing is a technology that uses optical fibers as sensing elements. LC to SC Fiber Patch Cord can be used to connect fiber optic sensors and data acquisition equipment to realize the transmission and monitoring of fiber optic sensing signals. Fiber optic sensing applications are widely used in industrial control, environmental monitoring, security monitoring and other fields. LC to SC Fiber Patch Cord provides reliable fiber optic connections for these applications.

Also commonly used in fiber optic testing and measurement. It can be connected to optical fiber testing instruments, spectrum analyzers, optical power meters and other equipment to test and measure the performance and parameters of optical fibers. The stability and reliability of the LC to SC Fiber Patch Cord are critical to accurate test results.

Product Features

1. Miniaturized design: The miniaturized design of the LC connector makes the LC to SC Fiber Patch Cord suitable for high-density optical fiber connection environments, saving space and increasing the number of connectors.

2. Convenient plug-in and pull-out: The SC connector adopts a plug-in and pull-out connection method, which facilitates and quickly connects and disconnects optical fiber equipment, improving the convenience of maintenance and replacement.

3. Strong reliability: LC to SC fiber jumpers undergo strict quality control and testing to ensure the reliability and stability of the connection and reduce signal loss and interference.

4. Good compatibility: LC to SC fiber optic patch cord is compatible with LC and SC connectors and can be used with other compatible fiber optic equipment and connectors, providing greater flexibility and versatility.

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