LC LC Multimode Patch Cord

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Product Description

LC LC multimode patch cord is a fiber optic patch cord with LC connectors and uses multimode fiber. It is equipped with LC connectors at both ends for connecting devices with LC interfaces to achieve the transmission and reception of optical signals.

LC LC multimode patch cord is a fiber optic patch cord with LC connector and using multimode optical fiber. It is suitable for connecting devices with LC interface and provides reliable optical signal transmission under short-distance transmission and high-speed communication requirements.

The LC connector is a miniaturized connector with a square shape. It features a plug-in/uninstall mechanism that makes connecting and disconnecting quick and easy. LC connectors are typically used in high-density fiber optic cabling environments for communications applications requiring high-speed data transmission and shorter distances.

Multimode fiber is a type of fiber that can transmit multiple modes of light. It is typically used for data transmission over shorter distances, such as local area networks (LANs) and certain data center applications. Compared with single-mode fiber, multimode fiber is lower in cost, but has shorter transmission distance and limited bandwidth.

Product Application

1. Data center: The connections between devices within the data center, such as servers, storage devices, and network devices, require high-speed and stable data transmission. LC LC Multimode Patch Cord meets these needs and can improve transmission performance within the data center.

2. High-speed Network: Due to its high-speed transmission capabilities and low latency characteristics, LC LC Multimode Patch Cord is ideal for high-speed network applications such as 10 Gbps, 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps networks.

3. Storage Area Network (SAN): Storage area network requires high-bandwidth and low-latency data transmission to meet the needs of high-speed storage and data sharing. LC LC Multimode Patch Cord ensures data transfer quality and performance in SAN environments.

4. Fiber-to-the-desktop (FTTD): In enterprise networks, fiber-to-the-desktop applications are becoming increasingly popular. LC LC Multimode Patch Cord can be used to connect office equipment such as computers, monitors, and printers, providing high-speed and stable network connections.

5. Wireless communication base station: The connection and data transmission between the internal devices of the wireless communication base station require high reliability and stability. LC LC Multimode Patch Cord can be applied to the internal optical fiber network of the base station to improve communication quality and data transmission rate.

Product Features

1. High-speed transmission capability: Using multi-mode optical fiber, it has high-speed data transmission capability. It can meet high bandwidth requirements and ensure fast and stable data transmission.

2. Low insertion loss and low reflection: This product has low insertion loss and low reflection characteristics, which can effectively reduce optical signal loss and reflection and ensure the stability and reliability of signal transmission.

3. Miniaturized design: Equipped with LC connector, it has a miniaturized design. Due to their small size, LC connectors are ideally suited for high-density fiber optic cabling environments, making it easy to arrange and connect devices in limited spaces.

4. High reliability: The product uses high-quality optical fiber and connector materials and has high reliability. It can withstand frequent connection and disconnection operations, maintaining stable performance and connection quality.

5. Flexibility and ease of installation: Provides flexible connection options and convenient installation experience. Users can choose jumpers of different lengths according to their needs and connect them according to the network topology to meet specific wiring requirements. Its plug-in/uninstall design makes installation and maintenance operations simple and easy.

6. Compatibility: The product is compatible with the standard LC interface and can be connected with other LC connector devices and modules. This compatibility makes it easier to integrate into existing fiber optic network environments and has greater versatility.

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