qsfp28 direct attach cable

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Product Description

QSFP28 Direct Attach Cable (QSFP28 DAC) is a cable solution for high-speed data communication, specially designed to connect devices that support the QSFP28 (Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable 28) interface.

QSFP28 Direct Attach Cable uses copper wires or optical fibers as the signal transmission medium, depending on the implementation. For copper conductors, it usually uses a twisted pair structure, while for fiber optics, it uses multimode or single-mode optical fibers to transmit optical signals. Both ends are equipped with QSFP28 plugs for direct connection with devices that support the QSFP28 interface standard.

QSFP28 Direct Attach Cable provides high-bandwidth and low-latency data transmission capabilities, suitable for short-distance high-speed connection requirements. It has some advantages such as low cost, low power consumption and simplified configuration process. Compared with traditional optical modules and optical fibers, QSFP28 DAC can provide a more economical and simpler solution and reduce the number of components and complexity in the system.

QSFP28 Direct Attach Cable is used in data centers, cloud computing environments, high-performance computing and other fields. It provides an efficient and reliable connection method for large-scale data transmission and high-density server interconnection. Whether it is the interconnection between servers, the interconnection within the data center, or the connection between network devices, QSFP28 DAC can meet the requirements of high bandwidth, low latency and high performance.

Product Application

Data center network:

Data center network is one of the main application areas of QSFP28 Direct Attach Cable. In data centers, high-speed, high-bandwidth connectivity solutions are critical to support large-scale data transfer and processing.

It can be used to connect servers, switches, routers, storage devices and other equipment in the data center to achieve high-bandwidth, low-latency data transmission and communication. It reduces cabling complexity and delivers high throughput and low latency performance by providing a simple, reliable connection.

Cloud service provider:

Cloud service providers are also one of the important application areas of QSFP28 Direct Attach Cable. Cloud service providers need to support large-scale virtualization, elastic computing and cloud storage services, so they need high-speed, high-bandwidth connection solutions.

The product can be used to connect cloud servers, storage devices and network devices to meet cloud service providers’ needs for high-bandwidth and high-density data transmission. It provides high-performance, reliable connections that enable cloud service providers to handle large volumes of data traffic and user requests.

High performance computing and scientific research:

In the fields of high-performance computing and scientific research, high-speed, high-bandwidth connections are needed to support large-scale computing tasks and data processing.

QSFP28 Direct Attach Cable can be used to connect computing nodes and storage nodes in high-performance computing clusters to achieve large-scale data transmission and collaborative computing. It provides low latency, high throughput and high reliability performance to meet the high requirements for computing resources and data processing speed.

High-speed data transmission and video transmission:

Because QSFP28 Direct Attach Cable has high bandwidth and low latency, it is widely used in application scenarios that require high-speed data transmission and video transmission.

The product can be used to connect video servers, video streaming devices and high-performance storage devices to support the transmission and processing of high-definition video. It provides a stable, high-quality connection, ensuring smooth and reliable video transmission.

Product Features

It can realize short-distance interconnection, up to 5 meters long, and is suitable for connecting servers, switches, storage devices, etc. in the same rack or between adjacent racks.

It uses copper cable as the transmission medium. Compared with optical fiber cable, it is more economical, easier to install and maintain, and consumes less power, saving energy costs.

It has high flexibility and can choose different specifications and lengths according to different needs, such as QSFP28 to QSFP28, QSFP28 to SFP28, QSFP28 to 4xSFP28, etc.

It complies with industry standards and is compatible with devices of various brands and models. No additional drivers or software are required, and it is plug-and-play, convenient and fast.

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