twinax direct attach cable

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Product Description

Twinax Direct Attach Cable (Twinax DAC) is a fiber optic cable solution for short distance high speed connections. It is commonly used for connections between data centers, servers and network equipment, providing high bandwidth and low latency data transmission.

Twinax Direct Attach Cable uses copper wires instead of optical fibers as the signal transmission medium. It usually has a fixed length and is equipped with plugs (such as SFP, QSFP, or CXP, etc.) at both ends to connect to devices that support the corresponding interface.

Twinax Direct Attach Cable provides a low-cost, low-power and low-latency connectivity solution. It does not require optical modules or fiber optic connectors, thus reducing signal transmission delays and simplifying the configuration process of physical connections. In addition, Twinax DAC also supports hot-swappable functions, making it more convenient to add, move or replace devices.

Twinax Direct Attach Cable is widely used in short-distance high-speed connection scenarios, such as interconnections between servers, interconnections within data centers, connections between storage devices and switches, etc. It provides a cost-effective solution for applications requiring high bandwidth, low latency and reliability.

Product Application

Data center: Data centers require data exchange between a large number of servers, and twinax direct attach cable can provide a transmission rate of 10Gbps or higher to meet the high bandwidth requirements of the data center. This kind of cable also has the advantages of low power consumption, low cost, and easy installation, which can reduce the operating costs and maintenance difficulty of the data center.

Cloud computing: Cloud computing is a network-based computing model that integrates computing resources distributed in different locations and provides them to users on demand. In order to achieve this kind of resource integration, cloud computing requires an efficient network connection method, and twinax direct attach cable is an ideal choice. It can establish stable connections between different servers to ensure the performance and reliability of cloud computing.

High Performance Computing: High performance computing is a technology that uses multiple processors or computers working together to solve complex scientific and engineering problems. High-performance computing requires high-speed network communication to support data exchange between processors or computers, and twinax direct attach cable can meet this demand. It can achieve low-latency, high-throughput data transmission over short distances, improving the efficiency and accuracy of high-performance computing.

Product Features

Low cost: Compared with optical fiber cables, twinax direct attach cables are more affordable, which can save your purchase costs and operation and maintenance costs.

High performance: twinax direct attach cable supports different transmission rates such as 10Gbps, 25Gbps, 40Gbps, 100Gbps, etc., which can meet your different network needs and expansion needs.

Simple and easy to use: twinax direct attach cable does not require additional transceiver modules, just plug both ends into the corresponding device ports to use, without complex configuration and debugging.

Strong compatibility: twinax direct attach cable supports multiple brands and models of servers and switches, such as Cisco, Huawei, Dell, HP, etc., and can be seamlessly connected with your existing network equipment.

Twinax direct attach cable is an economical and efficient data transmission solution that can bring more convenience and value to your network construction and operation. If you want to know more about twinax direct attach cable, welcome to contact our sales staff, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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