100g direct attach cable

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Product Description

100G Direct Attach Cable (100G DAC) is a cable solution for high-speed data communications. It is mainly used to connect devices that support 100Gbps data transmission rates, such as high-performance servers, network switches, and routers.

100G Direct Attach Cable uses either copper wires or optical fiber as the signal transmission medium, depending on the implementation. For copper conductors, it usually uses a structure of multiple pairs of twisted wires or parallel wires, while for fiber optics, it uses multi-mode or single-mode optical fibers to transmit optical signals. Both ends are equipped with plugs to connect to devices that support 100G interface standards such as QSFP28.

100G Direct Attach Cable provides high-bandwidth and low-latency data transmission capabilities, and is suitable for scenarios that require high-speed connections. It has some advantages such as low cost, low power consumption and simplified configuration process. Compared with traditional optical modules and optical fibers, 100G DAC can provide a simpler and more economical solution and reduce the number and complexity of components in the system.

100G Direct Attach Cable It provides an efficient and reliable connection method for large-scale data transmission and high-density server interconnection. Whether it is the interconnection between servers, the interconnection within the data center, or the connection between network devices, 100G DAC can meet the requirements of high bandwidth, low latency and high performance.

Product Application

Within the data center, it can connect servers, switches, routers and other equipment to achieve high-speed data exchange and storage.

Between data centers, it can connect data centers in different locations to achieve remote data backup and recovery.

In Internet Service Providers (ISPs), it can connect network devices at different levels to achieve efficient network management and optimization.

In corporate networks, it can connect offices, branches, remote workstations and other devices to achieve high-quality video conferencing and collaboration.

Product Features

100g direct attach cable supports a data transmission rate of 100Gbps, which is 10 times faster than ordinary optical fiber cables, and can meet the high bandwidth needs of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other fields.

Using copper core and zinc alloy shell, it has good anti-interference ability and wear resistance, and can work stably in harsh environments and extend its service life.

The 100g direct attach cable has a hot-swappable function, which allows you to easily connect and disconnect devices without reconfiguring the network, improving work efficiency.

Complying with the SFP28 standard, it can be seamlessly connected with various compatible devices, such as switches, routers, servers, etc., to achieve flexible network layout and expansion.

100g direct attach cable is low-priced, saving more than half the cost than optical fiber cables, and can bring more economic benefits to users.

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