sfp+ active optical cable

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Product Description

SFP+ Active Optical Cable (AOC) is a high-speed optical cable solution that uses SFP+ fiber optic modules and optoelectronic devices for high-bandwidth data transmission.

SFP+: SFP+ is a high-speed fiber optic module standard that supports data transfer rates up to 10Gbps (gigabits per second) per module. SFP+ modules are commonly used in high-bandwidth applications such as data centers, cloud computing and network switching. It provides high data transfer rates and reliability.

Active Optical Cable (AOC): AOC is an optical cable constructed using optical fibers and optoelectronic devices such as lasers and receivers. AOC can amplify and re-adjust signals through built-in optoelectronic devices to extend the transmission distance of high-speed signals. Compared with traditional copper cables, AOC has higher bandwidth, longer transmission distance and lower transmission loss.

SFP+ Active Optical Cable is an optical cable composed of SFP+ modules and optoelectronic devices to support data transmission rates up to 10Gbps. Using SFP+ AOC, fast, stable and reliable data transmission can be achieved to meet the needs of high-performance computing and data communication.

Product Application

1. Data center server interconnection:

In large data centers, SFP+ AOC can be used to connect servers and network switches to build high-performance computing and storage infrastructure.

Using SFP+ AOC can achieve fast communication and data transmission between servers, and support applications such as parallel computing, distributed storage, and data sharing.

In the server architecture of the data center, SFP+ AOC can be used to connect high-density server architectures, such as blade servers and high-density server architectures.

2. Storage network:

In storage networks, SFP+ AOC can be used to connect storage devices, such as storage arrays and disk arrays, to meet the needs of high-speed data storage and access.

Using SFP+ AOC can achieve fast data transmission between storage devices and support powerful storage functions such as data backup, snapshots and remote replication.

3. Remote data backup and replication:

SFP+ AOC can be used for remote data backup and replication, transferring data from one location to another to achieve safe data backup and failure recovery.

By using SFP+ AOC, high-speed, reliable remote connections can be established to ensure data integrity and reliability to meet disaster recovery and business continuity needs.

4. Video production and broadcasting:

In video production and broadcast, SFP+ AOCs can be used to connect HD cameras, video switchers, video servers and monitors.

It provides high-bandwidth and high-quality video transmission, supports real-time video surveillance, video production and broadcast transmission, and meets the requirements for high-definition video and audio transmission.

It should be noted that specific application scenarios may vary depending on the needs of the organization and industry. The above scenarios only provide some common application examples, and there may be other special requirements or customized configurations in actual applications.

It is recommended that when selecting and deploying SFP+ AOC, detailed evaluation and selection should be carried out based on specific business needs and technical specifications to ensure optimal performance and adaptability.

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Product Features

Compared with traditional copper cables, SFP+ active optical cable has higher bandwidth, longer transmission distance, lower signal attenuation and crosstalk, and is more suitable for high-density wiring environments.

Compared with traditional SFP+ optical modules and optical fiber patch cords, SFP+ active optical cable is simpler and more convenient. It does not require additional transceivers and patch panels and can be used by plugging and unplugging directly, saving space and cost.

Compared with other types of optical fiber interconnection solutions, sfp+ active optical cable is more flexible and compatible. It can be connected to any device that meets the sfp+ MSA standard and supports multiple protocols and rates, such as Ethernet, Fiber Channel, InfiniBand, etc.

sfp+ active optical cable is an ideal optical fiber interconnection solution that can meet the needs of high-speed data communication in different scenarios and improve network performance and efficiency. If you want to know more about sfp+ active optical cable, please visit our website or contact our sales staff.

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