qsfp28 active optical cable

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Product Description

QSFP28 Active Optical Cable (AOC) is a high-speed optical cable solution that uses QSFP28 fiber optic modules and optoelectronic devices for high-bandwidth data transmission.

QSFP28: QSFP28 is a high-speed fiber optic module standard that supports data transfer rates up to 100Gbps (gigabits per second) per module. QSFP28 modules are commonly used in high-performance computing, data centers, cloud computing, network switching and other fields to provide large-capacity and high-speed data transmission capabilities.

Active Optical Cable (AOC): AOC is an optical cable constructed using optical fibers and optoelectronic devices such as lasers and receivers. AOC can amplify and re-adjust signals through built-in optoelectronics to extend the transmission distance of high-speed signals. Compared with traditional copper cables, AOC has higher bandwidth, longer transmission distance and lower transmission loss.

Therefore, QSFP28 Active Optical Cable is an optical cable constructed using QSFP28 modules and optoelectronics to support data transfer rates up to 100Gbps. Using QSFP28 AOC, fast, stable and reliable data transmission can be achieved to meet the needs of large-scale data processing and communication.

Product Application

The interconnection between servers, switches, and routers within the data center enables large-scale parallel computing and data analysis.

Remote connections between data centers enable cross-regional data backup and disaster recovery.

The interconnection between supercomputers and cluster computers in the field of high-performance computing improves computing efficiency and performance.

The interconnection between deep learning and machine learning platforms in the field of artificial intelligence accelerates model training and inference.

Other areas that require high-speed, low-power, and low-cost optical fiber interconnection, such as video surveillance, medical imaging, virtual reality, etc.

qsfp28 active optical cable is an optical fiber interconnect product suitable for a variety of application scenarios. It can help users improve network performance, reduce operating costs, and save space resources. If you want to know more about qsfp28 active optical cable, welcome to visit our website or contact our sales staff. Thank you for reading!

Product Features

It supports a data transmission rate of 100Gbps and can meet the high bandwidth needs of big data centers, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other fields.

It uses advanced optical module technology to achieve low power consumption, low latency, and low heat dissipation transmission effects, while also improving signal stability and anti-interference capabilities.

It has good compatibility and flexibility and can be connected to equipment of different brands and models. The length and direction can also be adjusted according to the actual situation for easy installation and maintenance.

It has undergone strict quality testing and certification and complies with international standards and industry specifications, ensuring product safety and reliability.

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