40g direct attach cable

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Product Description

40G Direct Attach Cable (40G DAC) is a cable solution for high-speed data communications. It is mainly used to connect devices that support 40Gbps data transmission rate, such as servers, switches, routers, etc.

40G Direct Attach Cable uses copper wires as the signal transmission medium instead of optical fibers. It usually has a fixed length and is equipped with plugs at both ends to connect with devices that support 40G interface standards such as QSFP+. This design allows the 40G DAC to provide high-bandwidth and low-latency data transmission between connected devices.

40G Direct Attach Cable offers several advantages such as low cost, low power consumption and simplified configuration process. It does not require optical modules or fiber optic connectors, thus saving costs and reducing system power consumption. 40G DAC also supports hot-swappable functions, making it more convenient to add, move or replace devices.

40G Direct Attach Cable is widely used in scenarios such as data centers, enterprise networks, and high-performance computing. Whether it is the interconnection between servers, the interconnection in the data center, or the connection between storage devices and switches, 40G DAC can meet the requirements of high bandwidth, low latency and reliability.

Product Application

1. Data center network:
Data centers are a major application area, and 40G Direct Attach Cable is widely used for the connection and interconnection of data center networks. Data center networks often require high-speed, high-bandwidth connectivity solutions to meet the rapid data transfer needs between servers, storage devices and network equipment.
It can be used to connect servers, switches, routers, storage devices and other devices to achieve high-bandwidth data transmission and communication. It provides simple, reliable connectivity, reduces cabling complexity, and delivers low latency and high throughput performance.

2. Enterprise network:
In enterprise networks, 40G Direct Attach Cable is also widely used to establish high-speed and high-bandwidth connections. Enterprise networks need to support large-scale data transmission, video conferencing, cloud applications and other network services.
It can be used to connect servers, network devices and storage devices within the enterprise to meet high-bandwidth data transmission requirements. It can provide fast and stable connections and support high-load data transmission and network applications.

3. High performance computing:
In areas of high-performance computing, such as scientific research, weather forecasting, and financial modeling, high-speed, high-bandwidth connectivity solutions are needed to support large-scale computing tasks.
40G Direct Attach Cable can be used to connect high-performance computing nodes and storage nodes to achieve large-scale data transmission and collaborative computing. It provides low latency, high throughput and high reliability performance to meet the high requirements for computing resources and data processing speed.

4. Cloud service provider:
40G Direct Attach Cable is also widely used in cloud service provider environments. Cloud service providers need to support large-scale virtualization, elastic computing and cloud storage services.
It can be used to connect cloud servers, storage devices and network devices to meet high-bandwidth and high-density data transmission requirements. It provides high-performance, reliable connections that enable cloud service providers to handle large volumes of data traffic and user requests.

Product Features

40g direct attach cable supports a data transmission rate of 40Gbps, which is 10 times faster than ordinary optical fiber cables. It can meet the high bandwidth needs of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other fields.

40g direct attach cable adopts dual-core copper wire design, which has the advantages of low power consumption, low cost and low delay. It is more energy-saving, economical and efficient than optical fiber cable.

The 40g direct attach cable uses SFP+ interface and is compatible with existing network equipment. No additional converters or adapters are needed, and the installation is simple, convenient and fast.

40g direct attach cable has good electromagnetic shielding ability, can resist external interference and noise, and ensure the stability and security of data transmission.

40g direct attach cable is available in a variety of lengths and specifications, and can be flexibly matched and combined according to different application scenarios and needs.

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