qsfp active optical cable

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Product Description

QSFP Active Optical Cable (AOC) is a high-speed optical cable solution using QSFP fiber optic modules and optoelectronic devices. It is suitable for high-bandwidth data transmission and long-distance connection needs.

QSFP: QSFP (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable) is a high-density fiber optic module standard that supports data transfer rates up to 40Gbps (40 gigabits per second) or higher per module. QSFP modules are commonly used in high-performance computing, big data centers and high-speed network applications. It provides higher bandwidth and transmission rate and supports parallel transmission.

Active Optical Cable (AOC): AOC is an optical cable solution that uses optical fibers and optoelectronic devices. AOC amplifies and re-adjusts signals through built-in optoelectronic devices, thereby extending the transmission distance of high-speed signals. Compared with traditional copper cables, AOC has higher bandwidth, longer transmission distance and lower transmission loss.

QSFP Active Optical Cable is an optical cable constructed using QSFP modules and optoelectronic devices to support data transmission rates up to 40Gbps or higher. Using QSFP AOC, fast, stable and reliable data transmission can be achieved to meet the needs of high-performance computing and large-scale data communication.

Product Application

1. Large-scale data center network:

QSFP AOC is widely used in high-speed network interconnection in large data centers to connect servers, storage devices and network switches.

Within the data center, QSFP AOC can be used for interconnection between servers, supporting high-speed data transmission and low-latency communication, improving the overall performance of the data center.

Between data centers, QSFP AOC can be used to connect remote data centers to realize large-scale data transmission and sharing to meet data backup, disaster recovery and other needs.

2. High performance computing and scientific research:

QSFP AOC plays an important role in the field of high-performance computing and scientific research, and is used to connect nodes and storage devices in high-performance computing clusters.

It provides high-bandwidth and low-latency data transmission, supports parallel computing and collaborative processing, and improves computing efficiency and data processing capabilities.

In scientific research, QSFP AOC can be used for large-scale data collection and analysis, such as astronomy, climate simulation and other fields.

3. Cloud computing and virtualization environment:

QSFP AOC is suitable for cloud computing and virtualization environments and is used to connect cloud servers, virtual machines and storage resources.

It provides high-bandwidth and low-latency connections, enabling fast virtual machine migration, resource allocation and data storage.

In cloud computing platforms, QSFP AOC can be used to build high-density server architecture to achieve large-scale virtualization and deployment of cloud services.

Product Features

1. High bandwidth and high-speed transmission: qsfp active optical cable provides high-bandwidth data transmission capabilities, supporting rates up to 40Gbps or higher. It can meet the needs of large-scale data centers, high-performance computing and high-speed network applications, achieving fast data transmission and low-latency communication.

2. Long-distance transmission: Compared with traditional copper cables, qsfp active optical cable uses optical fiber to transmit signals, which can achieve long-distance transmission. It can extend the range of data transmission to meet the connection needs within the data center and between remote data centers.

3. Low transmission loss: qsfp active optical cable uses optoelectronic devices to amplify and readjust signals, reducing signal loss during transmission. This means that QSFP AOC can provide more stable and reliable signal transmission when transmitting over long distances.

4. High density and flexibility: QSFP AOC adopts QSFP module standard, with compact size and high-density port design. This enables it to support multiple channels of data transmission in a limited space, enabling efficient data center layout and network architecture.

5. Hot-swappable function: qsfp active optical cable supports hot-swappable function, users can insert or remove modules during operation without shutting down the system or interrupting data transmission. This provides convenience and flexibility for maintaining and upgrading data center equipment.

6. Scalability: qsfp active optical cable supports multi-channel transmission and can transmit data through multiple channels at the same time, improving the overall bandwidth and data processing capabilities. This makes it suitable for large-scale data centers, cloud computing environments and high-performance computing applications to meet growing data needs.

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