2ru fiber patch panel

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Product Description

A 2RU fiber patch panel is a device used to organize and manage fiber optic connections, where 2RU means it occupies 2 rack units of height in a rack. Fiber optic patch panels are typically mounted in racks and provide a centralized interface for connecting fiber optic patch cords, fiber optic cables, and other fiber optic equipment.

The 2RU fiber patch panel is very easy to install and use. They can be installed in standard racks and used with other network equipment. By connecting fiber optic patch cords or fiber optic cables to the fiber optic connectors on the front panel, you can achieve fast, reliable fiber optic connections and provide easy management and maintenance of fiber optic cabling.

Product Application

In data centers, a large number of fiber optic connections are used to connect servers, network equipment, storage devices, etc. The 2ru fiber patch panel provides a centralized interface for organizing and managing these fiber connections. They can adapt to different application needs through different types of fiber optic connectors (such as LC, SC, MTP/MPO, etc.), while providing high-density fiber connections to keep fiber wiring neat and orderly.

2ru fiber patch panel also plays an important role in enterprise networks. Enterprise networks often span multiple floors, computer rooms, and departments and require reliable and high-speed fiber optic connections to support data transmission. This panel provides a convenient interface to manage and connect fiber jumpers and fiber cables, making enterprise network cabling simpler and maintainable.

2ru fiber patch panel plays an important role in the communication infrastructure of telecommunications and network operators. They are used to connect key facilities such as backbone networks, optical fiber access networks, data centers and mobile communication base stations. Fiber optic patch panels ensure high bandwidth and high reliability communication transmission by managing and organizing fiber optic connections.

Educational and research institutions often have extensive laboratories and research equipment that require reliable and high-speed fiber optic connections to support data transmission and communications. 2ru fiber patch panels can provide high-density and manageable fiber optic connections in these institutions to meet the needs of experiments and research.

Product Features

1 High performance: This optical fiber distribution panel uses advanced optical fiber connection technology to achieve high-speed, high-bandwidth data transmission. It features low insertion loss and low reflection loss to ensure efficient data transmission.

2 Reliability: This optical fiber distribution panel is made of high-quality materials and has good durability and anti-interference performance. It undergoes strict quality control and testing to ensure that each product meets the highest standards.

3 Flexibility: This fiber optic patch panel has a flexible design and can be customized according to your needs. You can choose different types of optical fiber connection methods according to your own needs to meet the optical fiber connection needs in different scenarios.

4 Scalability: This fiber optic distribution panel has good scalability, you can expand and upgrade it at any time as needed. It supports a variety of fiber optic connection methods to meet your needs of different sizes and needs.

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