LC LC Multimode Fiber Patch Cord

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Product Description

Multimode fiber is a type of fiber that can transmit multiple modes of light. It is typically used for data transmission over shorter distances, such as local area networks (LANs) and certain data center applications. Compared with single-mode fiber, multimode fiber is lower in cost, but has shorter transmission distance and limited bandwidth.

LC LC Multimode Fiber Patch Cord is a multimode fiber optic patch cord with LC connectors. It is equipped with LC connectors at both ends for connecting devices with LC interfaces to support data transmission in multi-mode fiber optic networks.

The LC connector is a miniaturized connector with a square shape and is suitable for high-density fiber optic cabling environments. It features a plug-in/uninstall mechanism that makes connecting and disconnecting quick and easy. LC connectors are typically used for short-distance transmission and high-speed communication applications.

Product Application

1. Data communication: It can be used to establish high-speed data communication connections, such as connecting switches, routers, servers and storage devices in computer networks. It supports fast data transmission and high bandwidth requirements, and is suitable for areas such as data centers, enterprise networks, and cloud services.

2. Video and audio transmission: plays an important role in the fields of radio, television and audio and video production. It can transmit high-quality audio and video signals to meet the needs of broadcast and television systems, audio and video production studios, multimedia studios and other places.

3. Surveillance and security systems: In the field of surveillance and security, it can be used to connect surveillance cameras, video surveillance equipment and monitors. It can transmit high-definition video signals and surveillance data, and is suitable for security systems in large buildings, campuses, airports, shopping malls and other places.

4. Wireless network infrastructure: In wireless communication base stations and wireless network expansion, it is used to connect optical fiber transmission equipment, antennas and base station equipment. It can support high-speed data transmission and stable signal transmission, providing support for the construction and operation of wireless networks.

5. High-performance computing: For the field of high-performance computing that requires high-speed data transmission and low latency, it is a key component for connecting computing nodes, storage devices, and network devices. It can meet the requirements of large-scale computing and data processing, and is suitable for scientific research, financial transactions, big data analysis and other fields.

Product Features

1. High-speed transmission capability: Using multi-mode optical fiber to support high-speed data transmission. It can meet high bandwidth requirements and is suitable for fast data communication and transmission scenarios.

2. Low insertion loss and low reflection: It has low insertion loss and low reflection characteristics during the connection process. It can reduce the loss and reflection of optical signals and provide more stable and reliable signal transmission.

3. Miniaturized design: Using LC connector, it has a miniaturized design. Its connector size is small, suitable for high-density fiber optic cabling environments, and can flexibly arrange and connect devices in limited space.

4. High reliability: Using high-quality optical fiber and connector materials, it has high reliability. It can withstand frequent connection and disconnection operations, maintaining stable performance and connection quality.

5. Flexibility and scalability: Provides flexible connection options and scalability. Users can choose jumpers of different lengths as needed and connect them according to the network topology to meet specific wiring needs.

6. Easy to install and maintain: Installation and maintenance are relatively simple. It uses a plug/unload mechanism to facilitate user connection and disconnection operations. At the same time, the design of the LC connector makes it easier to clean and protect the optical fiber.

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