LC to PC Patch Cord

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Product Description

LC to PC Patch Cord is a fiber optic connection cable in which one connector is an LC connector and the other connector is a PC (Physical Contact) connector. It is used to connect optical fiber equipment with different connector types to realize the transmission and connection of optical signals.

The LC connector is a miniaturized connector with a pair of pin connections and is commonly used in high-density fiber optic connection environments. PC connector is a type of optical fiber connector that uses spherical rounded end faces (Physical Contact) to ensure precise docking between optical fibers and reduce optical signal attenuation and reflection.

LC to PC Patch Cord enables fiber optic connections between two different connector types through a combination of LC connectors and PC connectors. It can connect LC interface devices and PC interface devices, or connect different types of fiber optic devices to meet specific connection needs.

Product Application

Data centers are the core of large-scale data storage and processing and require high-speed, reliable fiber optic connections to support data transmission between servers, network equipment, and storage devices. LC to PC Patch Cord can be used to connect optical fiber equipment inside the data center, such as servers, switches, routers, etc., to ensure high bandwidth and low latency data transmission requirements.

Enterprise networks require reliable fiber optic connections to connect various network devices, including switches, routers, firewalls, and more. LC to PC Patch Cord can be used to build physical connections to corporate networks, ensuring efficient data transfer and communication.

Communication operators need to deploy fiber optic networks on a large scale to provide services such as telephone, Internet and television. LC to PC Patch Cord can be used for fiber optic network cabling and connection, connecting fiber optic switches, fiber optic terminal equipment and user terminal equipment to achieve high-speed and stable fiber optic communication.

Video surveillance systems require surveillance cameras to be connected to a surveillance center or storage device to monitor and record video in real time. LC to PC Patch Cord can be used to connect optical fiber transmission between surveillance cameras and monitoring centers to ensure high-quality video signal transmission and remote monitoring.

In some specific application scenarios, such as scientific research, industrial control and environmental monitoring, it is necessary to connect data transmission and sensor networks with optical fibers. LC to PC Patch Cord can be used to connect data transmission equipment and sensor equipment to achieve high-speed, reliable data transmission and monitoring.

Product Features

LC to PC Patch Cord features high reliability, low insertion loss, low reflection loss, compact design, ease of use and strong compatibility. It is a high-quality fiber optic connection cable that is suitable for a variety of application scenarios and provides efficient and reliable fiber optic connection solutions.

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