LC APC to LC UPC Patch Cord

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Product Description

LC APC to LC UPC patch cord is a fiber optic patch cord that uses LC connectors, one of which uses APC (Angled Physical Contact) plug type, and the other connector uses UPC (Ultra Physical Contact) plug type.

In the LC APC to LC UPC jumper, the end face of the APC connector is tilted to form a small tilt angle, usually 8 degrees. This inclined design can reduce the reflection of optical signals at the connection, thereby reducing reflection loss. APC connectors are commonly used in applications that require lower reflection losses, such as fiber optic communication systems, fiber optic sensors, and high-precision measurements.

The end face of the UPC connector is flat and has no tilt angle. UPC connectors are suitable for general fiber optic connection needs and provide good insertion loss and return loss performance.

The LC APC to LC UPC jumper is designed to combine the advantages of both APC and UPC connector types. Usually, APC connectors are used at the starting end of optical signal transmission to reduce reflection loss and ensure signal quality. While UPC connectors are used at the receiving end to provide good insertion loss and return loss performance.

Product Application

1. Optical fiber communication system: LC APC to LC UPC Patch Cord is widely used in optical cable connections and equipment connections in optical fiber communication systems. It can be used to connect fiber switches, fiber routers, optical distributors, fiber terminal equipment, etc. to build reliable fiber transmission links. Especially in long-distance transmission and high-speed transmission environments where reflection loss needs to be reduced, LC APC to LC UPC Patch Cord can provide excellent performance.

2. Data center: In a data center, high-speed and stable fiber optic connections are crucial. LC APC to LC UPC Patch Cord can be used to connect servers, network equipment and storage devices in data centers to support high-capacity, low-latency data transmission. It can meet the needs of data centers for fast interconnection and high-density cabling.

3. Wireless base station: LC APC to LC UPC Patch Cord plays an important role in wireless communication base stations. It is used to connect fiber optic links between fiber optic transceivers, fiber optic amplifiers, antennas and base station equipment. This product can provide stable optical signal transmission and minimized reflection loss, ensuring the stability and reliability of wireless signals.

4. Testing and measurement: LC APC to LC UPC Patch Cord is widely used in the field of optical fiber testing and measurement. It can be used to connect optical power meters, spectrum analyzers, optical time domain reflectometers and other test equipment for quality assessment, troubleshooting and performance testing of optical fiber links. The product’s features ensure accurate measurement results and a reliable testing environment.

Product Features

1. Reflection loss optimization: The tilt angle design of the LC APC connector can effectively reduce the reflection loss of optical signals. This characteristic makes LC APC to LC UPC Patch Cord very suitable for application scenarios that require high reflection loss, such as long-distance transmission and high-speed data transmission environments.

2. Low insertion loss: LC UPC connector adopts high-quality end face treatment technology to ensure low insertion loss. This means that LC APC to LC UPC Patch Cord can provide higher signal transmission efficiency and more reliable connection performance.

3. High reliability and stability: LC APC to LC UPC Patch Cord undergoes a rigorous manufacturing and testing process and uses high-quality optical fiber and connector materials. It is able to withstand frequent connection and disconnection operations and maintain long-term stability and reliability in various working environments.

4. High bandwidth support: LC APC to LC UPC Patch Cord is suitable for high-speed data transmission needs and has high bandwidth support capabilities. It can meet the requirements of modern communications and data centers for fast interconnection and large-capacity data transmission.

5. Flexibility and easy installation: LC APC to LC UPC Patch Cord provides flexible options. Users can choose jumpers of different lengths as needed and connect according to the network topology. At the same time, the plug-in/uninstall design of the connector makes installation and maintenance operations simple and convenient.

6. High-quality signal transmission: LC APC to LC UPC Patch Cord uses high-quality optical fibers and connectors to ensure high-quality signal transmission. It can reduce the loss of optical signals and provide stable signal transmission and reliable connections.

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